Tuesday, October 4, 2016

A Rancher's Surrender

Book Review of A Rancher's Surrender (Frontier Montana Series)

Title: A Rancher's Surrender

Series: Frontier Montana Series

Author:  Michelle Beattie

Date Published: October 3rd 2016

Date Read:   October 03, 2016

The Blurb:

Denied entrance into vet school because of her gender, fiery and 
determined Jillian Matthews trained at her father's side and then headed 
west to Montana Territory after answering an ad using only her father's 
initials and last name. She is convinced that her skills will 
override local ranchers prejudice. She's wrong and handsome Wade Parker, 
the one who hired her, is the first to make his displeasure public. But 
Jillian refuses to back down and sets out to win Wade's 
approval. Soon that's not all she hopes to win. 

Widower Wade Parker is furious the new vet he helped hire is a woman. The 
fact that she's beautiful, smart and wakes parts of him that he 
thought dead burns even more. Feeling tricked, Wade is determined to send 
her back east but when the town turns on Jillian and her enemies become 
dangerous, he steps up to be her protector. And that's not the only role 
Jillian has him contemplating.

My Review

4 Girl Power Stars

I loved this book. There is nothing I enjoy more in a book than a strong, brave heroine. Jillian was that for sure. She was a vet and didn't care that everyone thought it was a man's job. She held her head high and did her job. She was smart, brave, and a fighter. She fought for what she believed in and she fought for the job she wanted. She didn't let being a woman stop her. That was a big deal back then as this book was set back in 1882. Women didn't have rights then like we do now. So I love the sass and bravery that Jillian showed against her oppressors and she had a ton of them. Wade took me a little longer to warm up too. Though he was sweet, and a great father to his daughter, he was set in his way of thinking. He felt a woman's place was at home. It bugged me that it took him so long to see the light. He was so stubborn and I just wanted to shake him at times. Jillian and Wade made a cute couple. I wish there would have been more relationship build up. They didn't spend much time together in the 1st 1/2 of the book. Overall an enjoyable sweet read. I am looking forward to Scott getting his own book and I would love to see Silver get her own hea maybe with a sexy dark haired sheriff. 

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