Tuesday, October 25, 2016

A Sure Thing

Book Review of A Sure Thing (The Donnigans Series)

Title: A Sure Thing

Series: The Donnigans Series

Author:Marie Harte

Date Published: November 1st

Date Read:   October 22th, 2016

The Blurb:

Meet the Donnigans
With the eldest Donnigan brothers adjusting to civilian life, their younger sister constantly in trouble, and their little brother clueless about life in general, falling in love is the last thing on anyone's mind...

Can this Bossy Badass Marine...
The Marine Corps was everything Landon Donnigan ever wanted in life...until a bullet sent him home with a medical discharge. Teaching a self-defense class at the gym is old-hat for a marine, but when he meets sexy Ava Rosenthal, his combat skills are useless for protecting his heart.

Be her Mr. Right? 
Ava can take care of herself and likes quiet, bookish men-not muscular warriors who think women need to be coddled. But Landon is more than he seems, and when they come together, the results are explosive.

My Review

4 Major Hottie Stars

A Sure Thing, the 1st book in The Donnigans Series was a funny, sweet read. I really enjoyed every moment of it. And can I just say that cover is hot. It's one of the reasons I requested this book. Mr sexy ex Marine Landon Donnigan was just so yummy. I loved everything about him. He was just so charming, funny, protective and sexy did I mention sexy.. Damn he was sexy and a dirty talker. The filthy things he would say had me melting. I found Ava really endearing. She was so prissy, conservative and uptight, but still funny and sassy. She was always up in her own head thinking things to death. I thought Landon and Ava great chemistry together and tons of heat! I loved that Landon made her lose her control. Landon dragged her out of her comfort zone. I also loved that Ava made Landon work for it. She was no easy catch. They had a really cute,and playful relationship. I felt the author did a great job of building up their relationship and showing the growth in their feelings for each other. I felt really connected to Ava and Landon as a couple and I was rooting for their love. 

The whole Donnigan family was a big part of this book. They were all very endearing in their own way. I got invested in each of them. I really liked getting to know Gavin, Theo, and Hope. The relationship between all the Donnigans was so funny and cute. I laughed so hard over the sibling prank wars. I am really hoping they all get their own book especially Hope's. I can't wait to see little sister get her HEA! A Sure Thing made me smile and laugh a lot. I can't wait to get my hands on the next book in this series! Below I will leave one of my favorite moments from this book:

"Get a room, you two," Gavin said. She could hear his smirk. Landon quickly disengaged and stood, glaring down at her. "Seriously, Ava. My family is here. Hands to yourself." Seeing Gavin's wide eyes, she blushed. "Oh pleases. He was all over me and I-" Gavin yelled for Theo and Hope, who soon appeared. "Hey, guys, Ava's mauling Landon. Come see." "Gavin, you are an ass," she seconded Landon's opinion of his brother, who laughed like a loon. "What? What did we miss?" Theo asked, breathless. His hair was askew, his sweatshirt rumpled, while Hope didn't seem to have a hair out of place. "Nothing but your brother's bothering me," Ava growled, torn between embarrassment and laughter. "With his mouth," Gavin emphasized. "No funny business here, people. This is a family party." "Yeah, Ava. Really." Landon looked horrified. "I mean, not in front of my brothers and sister. Oh, the shame."- Gavin, Landon, Ava, and Theo 

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