Tuesday, October 25, 2016

What You Do to Me

Book Review of What You Do To Me  (The Haneys Series)

Title: What You Do To Me

Series: The Haneys Series

Author: Barbara Longley

Date Published: November 1st

Date Read:   October 24th, 2016

The Blurb:

Whether it’s repairing a home or taking care of clients’ otherneeds, Twin Cities handyman Sam Haney is in demand from his mostly female clientele. Despite Sam’s lothario reputation, love isn’t part of his portfolio. He’s built a lot of walls in his time, but the one that’s surrounded his heart ever since the death of his parents is his most solid yet.

Haley Cooper has had enough heartache for a lifetime. Her high school sweetheart up and moved to Indonesia—alone—just two weeks before their wedding. Her mother thinks it’s time for Haley to move on and contracts Sam to work on Haley’s wreck of a house—and anything else, if he’s got the notion.

Sparks fly and passion ignites. But Haley isn’t into Sam’s love-’em-and-leave-’em act. She wants something more. Fixing a house is one thing, but for this handyman, building a relationship will need a whole different set of skills.

My Review

4 The Handsiest Handyman in the Twin Cities Stars

Some Spoilers and sexy construction worker gifs

What You Do To Me, the 1st book in The Haneys series was a lovely read. Barbara Longley did an amazing job at grabbing my attention and getting me invested not only in the main couple but in the lovable secondary characters as well. Everyone in this book felt so realistic and down to earth. The plot was very sweet and at times funny. Sam the sexy handyman, was a hot mess of a hero but he was so charming and endearing at the same time. I loved the whole sexy handyman/construction worker theme going on in this book. I just keep hearing the Fifth Harmony song Work playing in my head as I read. 

Sam had deep emotional issues because his parents died on his 15th birthday. So now Sam won't let new people in his heart. He doesn't want to lose someone else he loves. His commitment issues made him look like a playboy, but he really was sweet, caring, and an all around great guy. His fear of loss and vulnerability made me want to cuddle him and make it all better. Haley's ex did her so dirty. He up and left her 2 weeks before their wedding without telling her why. So it was understandable that Haley would be standoffish with Sam the commitment phobe, player. At first Haley came off a little snobbish and prissy, but I warmed up to her right away. Once Haley opened up she was a very playful and sweet.

Sam and Haley had a slow burn love. They both fought their attraction to each other for fear of being hurt. There was a nice relationship build up and some really sweet moments between Sam and Haley. They made a cute couple. Let me just say that I loved Sam's brother Wyatt. Wyatt grabbed my heart and I fell in love with his shy sweet self. I have a thing for scarred men so the fact that Wyatt has burns that made him super shy just melted my heart and made me long for his story! I also liked Sam's sister, and Haley's two best friends too. There was a little drama from Sam's fear of losing another person he loves, but for the most part his book was a lighthearted, easy going, low angst read. The epilogue was sweet and I liked the little peek at Wyatt's upcoming book. I can't wait to get my hands on Wyatt's book!

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