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Staking His Claim

Book Review of Staking His Claim (Line of Duty Series)

Title: Staking His Claim

Series: Line of Duty Series

Author: Tessa Bailey

Date Published: February 3rd 2014

Date Read:  April 18, 2015

The Blurb:

He wants her. All of her.

NYPD sniper Matt Donovan is in Hell. Instead of driving his best friend’s little sister home from college, he’s stuck with her roommate—a fresh-faced ray-of-sunshine with a body that makes grown men weep. There’s no way he’ll allow himself to taint the little vixen, no matter how hard she tries to tempt him, so he resigns himself to the longest—and hardest—drive of his life.

Matt’s obvious attraction suits grad student Lucy Mason just fine. She had no idea her brother’s best friend was so deliciously hot. Knowing he’d never have his wicked way with his buddy’s sister, she lies about her identity and seduces him. But Matt’s no fumbling college boy. His desires run deep—and dark—and he wants to teach Lucy what wicked really means.

Matt’s demanding appetites only make Lucy want more. But when her cover's blown, he’s furious—even as his hunger for her becomes insatiable. Matt can’t trust anyone, least of all himself. And he knows all too well that darkness always destroys the light…

My Review

             4 Spank me harder Matt stars

“You come because I allow it. You only do it for me.”

Nicely done Tessa Bailey! Matt's book may have been a shorter one, but it was packed full of yummy goodness. I enjoyed it very much. Insta-love in books are either a hit or miss with me and this one worked for me. I would have loved it to be longer, and some of the dirty talk didn't flow right for me. It was like one dirty line he would say would be hot as hell, and then next he was like a newbie not use to talking dirty and fumbling through it. IDK he just wasn't as smooth as the others in the dirty talking department. Also he acted a little emo to me. "I'm Dark, I'm tainted, blah blah." Which is why this was a 4 star instead of a 5 for me. 

“You’re going to be sore tomorrow. From me. From how I’m about to fuck you. Every time you walk, sit, or stand, you’re going to think of me.”

What this book is about

Matt Donovan a NYPD sniper has been roped into picking up his best friend Brent's little pain in the ass sister Lucy, and bring her back to New York. When he gets there to pick her up he is told by her smokin' hot roomate that Lucy isn't coming, but she could still use a ride to New York. When the car breaks down on the way. Matt and Lucy's sexy roomate share some amazing sex. Matt wants to see her again, but as soon as she gets to NY she blows him off. The next day at a party for his BF Brent and Hayden, he is shocked to find out that the woman who rocked his world 24 hours ago is not Lucy's roomate ,but is in fact Lucy herself, his best friend's little sister. Feeling betrayed, and angry, will he be able to get pass the fact that she lied to him, and that she is Brents sister to see where this connection goes or walk away forever?

“You don’t get to hold back. Not when I’m ten inches deep, Lucy. I won’t allow it.”


Matt was brooding , dominant, and very serious. He doesn't talk much which leaves Lucy confused about his feelings for her. He has lots of baggage from the betrayal of his ex-fiance and his ex best friend who were sleeping with each other behind his back. He also likes bondage, spanking and kinkier sex which he feels is wrong and sick, because his ex looked at him like he was a monster and told him he had a sickness. So he feels like he is dark and tainted and would ruin Lucy if he let himself stay with her. I liked Matt a lot, but his "I'm bad " emo ways annoyed me a little. 

“The first time I tongue you into coming, it’s going to be an apology. The second time will be a reward for waiting.” He fell to his knees and took his first intoxicating taste of Lucy. A growl worked its way free of his chest. “The third time is going to be because I fucking love to hear you scream.”

“You shouldn’t want this. You shouldn’t want my punishment. But you do, don’t you? You’re starved for it.”

“Lucy Mason, you brought the color in. You brought me to life when I didn’t even realize I’d stopped breathing.” He laid his hand over hers on his cheek. “Now I can’t get enough air. It’s everywhere because of you.”


Lucy was great. She was playful, outgoing, and a free spirit. She is brave and kind of a dare devil. She has been holding herself back, because she is insecure about being a pain in her family's ass especially her brother Brent, who worked two jobs to put her through college. She is ready to start her new life, and career. I loved Lucy she was so full of life, and she tried really hard to give Matt everything he needed.

“I thought of you every time I sat down today. Just like you told me to, Matt.”

“I’m not taking the Paris job, you moron. But don’t worry, my staying in New York has nothing to do with you. I know the score. So don’t worry about me. I know what this is.” She skirted past him. “It’s nothing.”

“Yes you can. You’re here in the sun with me right now.” The words came out in a rush. She barely knew what she was saying, only that she was losing him. The Matt who’d thrown water balloons was receding, to be replaced with the stoic, closed-off man he showed everyone else. “You just have to stay here with me.”

“Hottest fuck of my life,” he growled into her neck. “Can’t think of a goddamn thing but getting back inside you. What did you do to me?”

Matt and Lucy as a couple are cute. It was fun watching Lucy bring Matt to life. He lets go a little and has fun. I really liked the water ballon fight in the park. The sex of couse was hot. I liked getting to see Brent and Hayden again. It was a nice quick read. I really liked the ending. Line of Duty was a great series full of Sexy, dirty talking cops, and sassy leading ladies. I would recommend it. Below I will leave my favorite moment from the book:

She didn’t. Halfway through the lively song about a young French maid losing her virtue in a field, the lyrics completely fled her brain. People were smiling and bobbing their heads at her, though. That was a good sign, right? If she could just make it through the end of the song, she might escape this without requiring ten years’ worth of therapy. What were those stupid lyrics? Not a single word came to mind. Praying no one in the room knew French, Lucy started singing about another tragedy, possibly worse than the French maid losing her V-card.

J’ai rencontré un bel homme Nous sommes allés à l’hôtel Il a fessé mon cul, notre pizza partit Et je suis en enfer maintenant. Which roughly translated to: I met a lovely fellow We went to a motel He spanked my ass Our pizza left And now I am in hell.

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