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Forget Me Not Charity Anthology Supporting Alzheimers and Brain Health

Book Review of Forget Me Not

Title: Forget Me Not Charity Anthology Supporting Alzheimers and Brain Health

Series: The Reed Brother Series

Author:Tammy Falkner, Jane Charles, Ava Stone, Marquita Valentine, Lexi Eddings, L.J. Charles, Andris Bear, Caren Crane, Jerrica Knight-Catania, Diane Franks

Date Published:November 26th 2015 

Date Read: November 17, 2015

The Blurb:
10 artists auditioning for a shot at working with the Reed Brothers 
10 skins, each with a story to tell 
10 perfect tattoos so they'll never forget 
A little bit of healing 
A whole lot of heart 

An anthology of ten short stories by ten different authors who are donating 100% of the proceeds to benefit Alzheimer's and brain health. Join Tammy Falkner, Jane Charles, Ava Stone, Marquita Valentine, Lexi Eddings, Lj Charles, Andris Bear, Jerrica Knight-Catania, Caren Crane and Diane Franks to help combat this terrible disease. 

Tammy Falkner: All About Adam - "So you see, there was this man..." All good stories start like that. Except this one. "... There was this man, and he broke my heart." 

Andris Bear: Inked - The only thing officer Brent Copeland wants when he enters Reeds’ is some fresh ink to honor his fallen partner. But when he comes face to face with Honor Sloan, a hellcat he arrested six months ago, he must confront the mistakes of his past if he is to have any chance at a future. 

Jane Charles: Rattled - She enters the tattoo shop with an envelope full of memories and a heart filled with longing. What she leaves with is more than she dreamed of, and it just might be the first step to healing the wounds of the past. 

LJ Charles: Burned - Fred’s agony over past mistakes is so overwhelming he craves a reminder of them—one that will be burned into his flesh forever. Little does he know the past is about to explode into present-day reality. 

Ava Stone: Hold Me Tight - Film student Seth Elliott can hardly believe his luck when Molly Wolfe, a pretty face from his past, stumbles into the Reeds' looking for a tattoo to remember her brother. Finding her after so many years is even better than any of the classic movies he loves so much. 

Lexi Eddings - Coldwater Blues - Michael Evans is the poster boy for trouble on two legs. After losing the one person who ever believed he'd amount to anything, he hitches his way across country to the Big Apple, convinced he can outrun the mistakes that forced him to leave his hometown. But as his dear Gran always said, "Wherever you go, Mike, there you are..." 

Jerrica Knight Catania: The Knot - Ethan Masters never imagined he'd go for a girl with a tattoo, but when he learns the story behind Madison Kennedy's mysterious design, all he wants to do is take care of her. But Madison is still struggling with great loss in her life, and is terrified of getting close to anyone ever again, especially someone as perfect as Ethan Masters. 

Marquita Valentine: Skin Deep - After one reckless night ends in tragedy, Scottish rugby player Maddox Stuart turned his back on his former life, leaving everything behind, but when the girl he left behind ends up as his client in the Reed Brother's shop, Maddox is forced to face his demons. 

Caren Crane: Lakewood Confidential - Tondra is struggling for attention on the New York art scene when a chance to ink notorious hip-hop legend Lakewood lands in her desperate hands. The reclusive rapper shares a part of his history he's never told anyone, forcing Tondra to choose between ensuring her own success and safeguarding Lakewood's secrets. 

Diane Franks: The Way Back - He's not the man he used to be. She's desperate to find a way to bring him back to her. She needs a tattoo to help her remember. She needs a tattoo so he won't forget.

My Review

5 Heartwarming and moving Stars

Because, Lily, I choose to do it. I choose to love my husband in any shape he's in. That man chose to love me when I didn't even love myself. That man chose to love me when I was being difficult and stubborn and mean. That man chose to love me all his life. He was a good man, husband, and father. Even if he is no longer the same man I married, he is still the same man I choose to love with everything in me until I'm no longer on this earth to do it. No matter what difficult days lie ahead, and no matter if he has no clue who I am, I know who he is, and I know I love him."

Wow I normally don't read Anthology books, because I like my stories to be longer with more depth. But when I seen this book on netgalley, I requested it because I love Tammy Falkner and the Reed Brothers Series, and it was for a great cause. I can't even begin to tell how cute and moving this book was. I liked each story. A few of them I really loved, and the last one brought me to tears. Before I had my son, I work for 9 years as a CNA in nursing homes. So to say that I have seen Alzheimers, and the effect it has on families up close and personal is a understatement. So I really respect all of the authors that give their time, and talent to write this book. They are donating 100% of the proceeds to benefit Alzheimer's and brain health. Each story tied in well to one another and felt deep even though they were short stories. This book introduced me to a few new authors that I have never heard before, but will be checking out after this! There was a few stories that stood out to me more than the others. I really enjoyed Madison and Ethan and his stalker like determination to get Madison to give him a chance. I thought Seth and Molly were cute. I wanted more of Maddox and Cadence's story it was my 2nd favorite in the whole book, but my favorite was Ken and AnnMaire's story. Ken and AnnMaire's story was the one that made me cry. Their's story was a very realistic look at Alzheimers from the pov of both the person with Alzheimers and the spouse. It was deeply touching and I just loved it. 

This book was a great read. I recommend it to anyone who likes cute quick reads!

"Exactly. But I am not the only one who bears a deep wound. Every soul on earth has a secret that, if you only knew it, it would break your heart. We are all broken in some way. Damaged. Everyone has something to get over."

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