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Book Review of Cooper (Corps Security)

Title: Cooper

Series: Corps Security

Author: Harper Sloan

Date Published: June 19th 2014

The Blurb:  
Do you take me seriously? Because I don’t. I use my jokes and easygoing personality to hide the pain I’ve felt since he took his last breath. I’m adrift without my partner in crime, my best friend…my brother. I can taste the vengeance just within my grasp. 

Until she barges into my life. Promising me happiness and a peace I’ve been craving for years. She is the sun to my darkness, the happy to my despair. 

But she holds secrets. Just like I do. She holds hers close, where I just pray mine don’t rock the walls we’re trying to build. 

Now I’m stuck at a crossroads between my desire for revenge and my craving for her and the life we could have together—and I have no idea which road I should travel. 

All I know with crystal clear certainty is that the past has the power to destroy it all. 

My Review

3.5 Déjà vu Stars May have spoilers especially if you have not read the first 3 books in this series!

Oh boy where to begin..... I have loved this series from the start. How could I not with all these Yummy, broken, alpha men finding their soul mates and becoming perfect swoon-worthy, romantic, protective, sexy, dirty talking beast. But this book just didn't have that wow factor for me. It was a good read, but not near as good as Axel's book.

Asher is Zeke Cooper's brother. In Becks book Zeke was killed. Now Asher is spiraling out of control, drinking and screwing his way to numbness, when he isn't plotting revenge. The only light in his life comes from the woman he met during his darkest hour Chelcie , only problem is she keeps him at arms length even though he knows she feels the same strong connection that he does. Chelcie is very attracted to Asher, She knows there is something more between them, but she doesn't want to be just another notch on his bedpost, and she is scared that when he finds out what she's been hiding that she is pregnant with Zeke coops baby.  That he will hate her or think bad of her. When the truth comes out will she get her man or will it blow up in her face?

Asher and Chelcie were very cute together, in a cheesy, super sweet, almost too perfect kind of way. It was like a switch is flipped in the book and wham perfect instant-family. There are a few things in this book that just didn't work for me and that made this book a 3.5 instead of a 5 and those reasons are....
For one Asher really didn't seem to have his own personality, he was like a mix of all the previous heroes giving me one hell of a sense of Déjà vu and making him generic. The Author even summed it up in the book with this line: “He has Axel’s protectiveness without being over the top. If what Melissa tells us is correct, he shares Greg’s bedroom skills. He has that huge heart of gold that Beck is famous for. And of course, he shares Maddox’s strength and determination.”. Another thing that didn't work for me was Super over the top cheesiness to their relationship! There was some really cheesy lines that where making me roll my eyes.
"I always used to read the books where the hero would come, and come, and come...and then come again. I'd roll my eyes, thinking that surely there was no way a man like that - with stamina of a god - exists. Tonight, Asher proved me wrong. Those men definitely exist. And he's all mine."

"By the time he pushes in deep, emptying himself out into my body, I've come three times and I would swear that I saw angels."

 Don't get me wrong there was some really good parts to their relationship. Some that was Sweet, and smoken hott!

“We all have that person, Dee. Beck is yours. Axel is Izzy’s. Melissa’s is Greg. Hell, Emmy’s is Maddox. Every. Single. One. Of. Us. We have that person who makes us complete. He is my person.”

“Sunshine,” I murmur, “once I take you – make you mine – I won’t ever let you go. You’re mine, baby. This body, this heart, and damn sure this pussy. I won’t take you until I know you understand what I’m saying to you.”

“I’ve been stuck in this fog, this darkness that’s held me captive…This black hole of grief that I couldn’t escape. But then you came into my life…you were my light when there was none to be found.”

There was some really heartwarming parts to the book with the baby , but I have always been a sucker for babies!

Something else that didn't work for me was the drama at the end[ when his crazy ex came out of no where and tries to kill Chelcie!!! really?? What is it with these men's dicks being so good, bitches go crazy (like if I can't have him no one can crazy!)when they lose em? 

That being said Cooper was still a good read and a enjoyable book. It had a good plot, with a sweet romance, some drama and some funny dating humor.

I still love the hell of this series, and I would totally recommend it. I am on to Locke's book...... 

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