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Hero of her Heart

Book Review of Hero of her Heart

Title: Hero of her heart

Series: No Series. Novel

Author: Lindsey Brookes

Date Published: December 8th 2011

The Blurb:
From the moment Bethany Warner was born, Sheriff Tanner Montgomery was on the run. And he was only four at the time. Their mothers’ matchmaking efforts finally ended when Bethany’s family moved away. Now, ten years later, she’s coming back to Ruby Creek and his mother is up to her old tricks again.

Tanner is happy with his life just the way it is. No emotional entanglements. No wife or child to worry about leaving behind if something should happen to him in the line of duty. Then Bethany returns, all grown up and sexier than sin. Now he’s on the run for a whole new reason.

Growing up, Bethany idolized Tanner. He was the HERO OF HER HEART. But to him she’d been nothing more than a tag-a-long little kid. Too tall, too thin, with unruly curls and teeth she could whistle through.

That was then. Now she’s coming back to Ruby Creek, a successful, confident businesswoman, and no longer the ugly duckling she had once been. Can Bethany convince Tanner to give love a chance? And if she does, will it be everything she had always dreamt it would be?

My Review

Very Cute read....

Their mothers are best friends and they have been planning the marriage of their son and daughter since Bethany Warner was born. Four years older, Tanner has always seen Bethany as the pesky lil girl his mom pushed on him, always taggin along. Childhood Friends until Bethany moves away with her parents after high school. Tanner has no plans on ever getting married, having kids and settling down, not with his job as sheriff. No way is he willing to leave behind a wife and kids if he dies in the line of duty like his father did. It's been 10 years since Bethany has been gone. Now she is coming back to her home town, back to where she grew up and back to Tanner Montgomery, her life long crush. As a teen she was plain Jane, lean, tall always being picked on for being the ugly duckling, but she is all grown up now and ready to see if she can get Tanner to notice her now! Tanner can't believe it's Bethany, this beautiful sexy as hell woman standing in front of him. Will he go for what he wants and make Bethany his or will his fear of repeating his father's past keep him from claiming Bethany for his own? 

This book was a sweet read, funny and cute. I really enjoyed it. I really liked both Tanner and Bethany. Tanner was sexy and funny as hell making a fool of himself over Bethany. Bethany was cute and funny, driving Tanner insane with her flirting. The sexual tension between them was hott as hell. I really liked the other characters in this book, and I love the ending although I wish it was a little longer. This book was a great, light hearted, feel good read!

This book was free on Amazon here is the link if you want to read it for yourself

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