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My Top 10 books of 2014

Top 10 book of 2014 

OMG  it's 2015 already?  This year just flew by, and with 2014 came some great books.   So to ring in the New Year I am counting down my Top 10 books of 2014.

10. A Highland Wolf Christmas
By Terry Spear
Published October 7th 2014

This book is #15 in the Heart of the Wolf series.   Guthrie and Calla Story.  If you love wolf shifters and Highland warrior wolves this book is for you.  

9. Silver Shadows
By Richelle Mead
Published July 29th 2014

This book is #5 in the Bloodline Series. Sydney and Adrian story continues.  Now in the aftermath of an event that ripped their world apart, Sydney and Adrian struggle to pick up the pieces and find their way back to each other.  if you love vampire and witches this book is for you.

8. The King
By J.R. Ward
Published April 1st 2014

This book is #12 in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. Wrath and Beth get another novel Yay! If you love Kick ass Vamps and their mates and baby vamps this books is for you.

7. The Darkest Touch
By Gena Showalter
Published November 25th 2014

This book is #11 in the Lords of the Underworld Series. Torin  gets his long awaited story. What do you do when your touch causes sickness and death and a chance of worldwide plague? If you wanna know  you gotta read this book!

6. Zip, Zero, Zilch
By Tammy Falkner
Published December 2nd 2014

This book is #6 in The Reed Brother Series. Sam is the last of the sexy Tatted Reed brothers to get his love story.  Sam and Peck have Fame. Fortune. Stardom, but can they have more?  If you like Bad Ass, Sexy, Tatted men with hearts of Gold check out this series! 

5. Crave The Night
By Lara Adrian
Published August 5th 2014

This book is #12 in The Midnight Breed Series. Nathan is one of the most lethal Breed vampires in existence and he is going to have Jordana no matter what.   If you love Alpha vampires Check out Nathan and Jordana story!

4. Dark Skye
By Kresley Cole
Published August 5th 2014

This is book #14 in the Immortals After Dark series.
 Thronos and  Lanthe loved each other as kids, but when the two got caught in the middle of their families’ war, tragedy struck, leaving Thronos and Lanthe bitter enemies.  Want to know if they find their way back to each other ? Then you got to read this book!

3. Blind Faith
By Rebecca Zanetti
Published May 6th 2014

This book is #3 in the Sin Brother Series. After hearing all about Nate and Audrey in the other books we finally get their story.  If you like  genetically engineered  super soldiers  and second chance love this book is for you!

2. Night Unbound
By Dianne Duvall
Published September 2nd 2014

This book is #5 in the Immortal Guardians series. Zach and Lisette  story Woot! If you like Forbidden love,  Immortal Guardians protecting humans, and smoking hott , kick ass sexy heros this book is so for you! 

And here it is My #1 Book Of 2014

1. Marked
By Rebecca Zanetti
Published December 22nd 2014

This book is the 7th and last in the Dark Protectors Series.  OMG OMG OMG OMFG it's Janie and Zane's  Story!!!!!  This book was the Best book I have ever read. It was pure perfection!!!  My emotions were all over the place one minute I was laughing, the next I was yelling OMFG!!! Then the next I was crying Yes for real Crying Twice!! I love this series it is one of my all time favorites and I would Recommend it to everyone.  If you have not Checked out this series you should! This book is a Must Have!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well there it is My Top 10 of 2014. I am 

looking forward to some Great books in 2015. 

 Everyone Have a Great and safe New Year!!!!

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