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Book Review of Uncaged (Corps Security)

Title: Uncaged

Series: Corps Security

Author: Harper Sloan

Date Published: March 11th 2014

The Blurb: 
Greg Cage’s life is more fulfilling than he ever could have imagined. He’s married to the love of his life, has an amazing son, and in a few short months, his family will grow again with the birth of his twin girls.

The past year has been a tough one for the Cage family, but they are now on the road to healing by learning to let go of the past and looking forward to their future.

When situations beyond his control threaten to take away so much of what Greg holds close to his heart, he has to learn that he doesn't always have the control he tries to maintain in their lives. Will he be able to handle the stress of knowing his wife and newborn daughters are beyond his protection?

Join the Cage family as they embark on yet another one of life’s journeys with a rambunctious four-year-old, pregnancy complications, and the fear of the unknown.

Will the love that Greg and Melissa share hold true as they fight to overcome the obstacles that face them?

My Review

5 OMG Stars


Wow just freakin wow. So this little novella is about the Cage family! Things are looking great for Greg Cage, he married the love of his life, has a awesome son, and twin princesses on the way then everything changes!!!!!!

"Beauty, we're having twins!"

"Melissa, I tell you daily-many times- how much I love you. Knowing that you're my wife, that the perfect little boy asleep down the hall is my son because of you, and these little angels are a gift our love made....those are just some of the things you have given me that makes my life worth living."

"Be strong my little warriors, Daddy loves you."

All I can say is this book had me up and down and freaking out. It was heart warming, sweet. Then when tragedy strikes, this book had me in tears. Wow it was heart wrenching! The ending OMG The epilogue I hope she turns that into a book!!!!! Damn good book! I am on to the next one Cooper.

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