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Taunting Destiny

Book Review of  Taunting Destiny (The Fae Chronicles)

Title: Taunting Destiny

Series: The Fae Chronicles

Author: Amelia Hutchins

Date Published: September 18th 2013 

The Blurb: 
I thought things were bad and weird before – hold on – it’s getting worse.

Adam and I are both going through identity crises of epic proportions as we Transition from who we were, and discover who we were meant to be. More Fae are dying, and I feel as if time is running out for us to find all of those responsible and put an end to the killings.

The people I thought I could trust have betrayed me and the one person I should absolutely not trust; is taking me deeper and deeper into his world.

Ryder’s secrets are dangerous and devastating.

With each touch and word, he pulls my heart closer to himself and at the same time he is trying to keep me at arm’s length. The dance he and I have begun, is getting more complicated as our worlds are being shaken from all sides, and the visions of the future are frightening, and nothing like I had ever pictured for myself or those I care for.

This time, destiny is taunting me.

I had always thought that I controlled my destiny. Now, my rights are being taken from me by powerful people and leaving me with alternatives that range between bad and awful.

This time, the choices I have to make can decide the fate of both worlds.

Everything is unraveling, and nothing will ever be the same again.

My Review

4.5 Who's your daddy Stars         May have spoilers

OMFG I loved this book! The first book was good, but this book Wow just WOW!

So this book picks up right where Fighting Destiny left off. Syn and Adam are trying to deal with the fact that they are Fae, and all that entails including their upcoming transition. Crazy murderers are still out there killing off Fae. Syn is missing her best friend, and she doesn't know who she can trust!

I just can't believe how good this book was. Amelia Hutchins added so much to the story line and some plot twist I never saw coming, that it kept me on the edge of my seat and my emotions all over the place.


I loved Ryder in this book. I love how he let his walls down and let Syn in. How she made him laugh and pushed him, and I love how she brought out his softer side. I love the fact that Amelia Hutchins kept Ryder true to his character. He wasn't a alpha ass one minute and a perfect sweetheart the next. He was still the sexy, dominant, cocky, dirty talking fucking fairy that he was in the 1st book, but better. The fact that he was slow in changing made it more believable.

"You've left a mark on me that will never be replaced. I'm incapable of loving anyone. You have turned my world upside down, Pet. I want you-the visions don't change that. Let me make love to you, Synthia. Let me show you what you make me feel. I need to be with you now. I need to feel you beneath me. I need to touch your soul and leave my mark on you, so that you never forget me."

"You," he said falling to his knees in front of me. "I'd want you, Synthia, to do with as I wished for the rest of my life. You would be mine, completely. I'd want you at my mercy, to taste, and touch when I wanted you."

"Synthia, I plan to keep you forever,"


Syn was better in this book too. In the 1st book I really liked Syn, but I felt she let Ryder and others walk on her too much. In this book she grew her lady balls and wasn't taking shit from anyone! She was just as sassy, loyal, and funny as she was in fighting destiny. She just kicked more ass and I loved it!!!! 

"Get away from me. I've lost everything! Everything, Ryder. I'm barely fucking standing on my feet and you just keep taking from me. I signed the fucking contract. You have me through transition! Why the fuck would you mark me as your whore?"

"I am not your anything. You marked me without my permission. So I'm not yours until I decide to give myself to you . You can't just piss on my leg and say I'm yours. It doesn't work that way in the real world."

"I'm Syn, and you're Ryder. You're my fucking Fairy, and you're wrong," I purred throatily. "How's that?" he inquired, sinking further inside of me. "You're my fucking Fairy happy meal,"

Ryder and Syn together Dayum! This book has some of the hottest sex I have ever read and that is saying something. I loved the build of their relationship there was no instant love. It was a nice slow development that made me feel invested in them as a couple.

"I'm going to fuck you hard and fast. I'm going to worship every inch of you with tongue until you tremble and beg me to fuck you even harder. I'm going to make you remember me forever, right now. Then I will fuck you slow and gentle, and show you what it is like to be cherished, by me."

Ryder made Syn's transition so special and sweet that I swooned a little, until the sex. Did I mention the sex was hot as hell!

"Tell me how much you want this cock inside of you. Tell me how bad you need to come. say it, and I promise to make you come, so many times that you won't remember your own fucking name."

"I fucked you in every position, in every way I could, and you begged me for more. You took everything I gave you. You begged me, and it was the hottest fucking thing I have ever seen in my life. You fed perfectly."

I also enjoyed the budding friendship between Ryder's men and Syn and that she got to meet her family. And the ending! OMG THE FREAKING ENDING!!!! Why do you leave me hanging like that.

I really can't think of much that I didn't like in this book. It was a great read and I would totally recommend it!!

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