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Book Review of Noah (Nightwalker Series)

Title: Noah

Series: Nightwalkers

Author: Jacquelyn Frank

Date Published:  September 1st 2008

The Blurb:  The Nightwalkers have lived in the shadows of our world for centuries, gifted with abilities few humans can comprehend. For Noah, duty is all--until he meets the woman who is his destiny...


As Demon King, Noah is dedicated to protecting his kind from their human and Nightwalker enemies. Yet for six months he has struggled with vivid dreams that threaten his very sanity. Every night he's tormented by images of a woman both achingly real and tantalizingly beyond his grasp. And his bone-deep need leaves him no choice but to force her to leave the life she's known and enter a world beyond her imagining...

Every day, Kestra risks her life in perilous missions that veer just shy of the law, but she instinctively knows that the imposingly sensual figure before her is a danger unlike any she's ever faced. Kestra has sworn never to trust or need another man, but Noah's lightest touch scorches her with fevered desire, branding her as his mate, blinding them both to the terrifying truth. For within the ranks of their own people lies an adversary growing in number and power. And nothing and no one will be safe again...

Desire awakens at night

My Review

4 "Only because of Noah" Stars

This book is a hard one for me to review. I had to sit for a few hours after I finished reading it just to try to figure out what to rate it and how it made me feel. One minute I was Happy and liking this book and the next I was not liking this book. Like , dislike, like, dislike round and round it went until the very last page!

So this is the 5th book in the Nightwalker series, Noah and Kestra's love story or Fear story, they both work for this book! The books starts out with Noah who has been having dreams of his imprinted mate for 6 months. In these dreams She fights him until she finally caves and they make dream love and it's to the point of driving him mad. He goes to Corrine (Bella's sister) who has the power to help demons find their druid mates. They find his mate all right but she wants nothing to do with him.

"No, Kikilia," he murmured softly against her brow. "This time, it can be different. Tell me who you are, and I can show you what you are capable of when you are awake. Tell me your name, and I will find you and end this mutual torture once and for all."

"If only I would be more feminine, soft, and compliant, perhaps? I'm no lady? Well, you're right. I don't behave myself, I don't talk softly, and I am not gracious. Six months of this manipulation and you still don't know a damn thing about me. I would think I'd dream up someone smarter for myself."

"Very well," she hissed hoarsely. "Kestra. Kestra Irons. Now come and find me, you son of a bitch. Meet me in the real world and find out how far all this Eurotrash charm of yours will really go. I swear, if I ever set eyes on you in my waking world you will be centuries of sorry!"

So here lies the problem I had with this book. I loved Noah! Love Love Love him have since the first book. I have been waiting for his book and just knew it would be good, because it was Noah! Noah was great just like I figured he would be.

Sexy, strong, Brave, loving, funny, sweet ,and a man of honor. How could anyone not love Noah!!

"Tell me what you want, Kes." She moaned with pleasure, her hips wriggling against his touch. "So many choices for living in the moment, baby love. Do you want my touch?" He stroked deep into her body with a slick finger. "Or can I taste you as you come? Or…" Noah dragged her close to the edge of the desk and removed his touch so she could feel the grind of his arousal against her heated sex.

"In twenty to thirty minutes, the sun will hit the eastern windows," he said, pausing over her body to point them out. "The stained glass will catch the light and it will bathe your body in a kaleidoscope of colors. Since I love colored light, I can do no less than to worship it in entirety with the reverent kiss of my mouth." She swallowed convulsively at the thought, her pulse pounding tellingly in her throat. "Twenty to thirty minutes?" she asked. "What will we do until then?" "Practice, of course."

Kestra, she is what confused me about this book. I don't know if I like her or dislike her! 

One minute I could not stand her, She was a huge coward. So fearful of letting anyone close to her or even liking Noah that she would have Panic attacks, and the next she was wanting to rip his clothes off , then she was in panic attack mode while he was mid stroke For God sakes!

But then when you find out about her past you can understand why she is the way she is and it made me want to cut her some slack, and when she would let her guard down you could see things about her that were fun making her more likable . The only problem with that is she is so fearful that she is closed off and pushes Noah away almost the whole book . To the point where I wanted to yell "Oh for God sakes get over it already!!!" She only tells him she loves him at the end after almost losing him.

I love you. You're my soul and my heart. I feel it every time I breathe. I knew. I knew when every day went by and just got better and better. I knew when Samhain passed and you became more and more beautiful. Painfully so, Noah. I met you when you were at your worst, and I love you so much that I actually miss your worst! But I bless your best. You've changed me and my world, and everything is so different now. Just because you were brave enough to face down a royal bitch and give her a good wake-up call.

Other than Kestra's fear, This book was great. There was a ton of drama , a few things happen to add to the building plot of the series, and you get to see all the other couples that you fell in love with and how they are doing. And it ended on a sweet note! Next up is Adam!

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