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Chance The Winds of Fortune

Book Review of Chance The Winds Of Fortune (Dominick Series)

Title: Chance The Winds Of Fortune

Series: Dominick Series

Author: Laurie McBain

Date Published: Expected publication: October 6th 2015  (first published January 1st 1980)

Date Read:  July 18th , 2015

The Blurb:
Fortune smiled on Dante Leighton, titled lord turned pirate. Sailing before the Sea Dragon's towering masts, he plundered hearts and cargoes from the Carolinas to Trinidad's turquoise lagoons. But one treasure always eluded him .... Until, a world away, at the English country estate of Lucien and Sabrina Dominick, a series of dazzling intrigues results in the abduction of their golden-haired daughter, Rhea .... And now, in a gathering wave of turbulent emotion, the fates of Rhea and Dante converge unforgettably -- in a quest for sunken Spanish treasure ... and a love worth a thousand fortunes. 

My Review

3 Stowaway Stars

"You, sir are beneath contempt. You are not fit to wallow with swine."

"What an insufferable man you are. And whether you are, as you would have me believe, a marquis, or whether you are a tinker, I would still find you the rudest, most vulgar individual I have ever had the misfortune to encounter."

Chance The Winds of Fortune is the 2nd book in the Dominick trilogy. I didn't read the first book, but that isn't a problem. This book can be read as a stand alone. This book has a slow start. There are a lot of details I feel could have been edited out, because they make the book drag, but once it got going it was a okay read. 

What this book is about
Dante Leighton is the captain of the Sea Dragon and the Marquis of Jacqobi. He and his crew are after treasure on a sunken Spanish ship that Dante won the map to in a card game. With this treasure he hopes to fund his revenge. Dante finds Rhea Claire Dominick asleep in his cabin on his ship with the map to the treasure laying on his desk. So he believes she is a Spy for another ship wanting to steal the treasure. She tells him that she is Lady Rhea Claire Dominick daughter of the Duke of Camareigh and that she was kidnapped from her home and sold to a slaver ship headed for the colonies. Will Dante believe her? Will Lady Rhea Chaire ever see her family again?

"I shall remember your bravely spoken words, my lady," Dante said against her ear, " when I ask for payment very soon. I look forward to the transaction, for you are a woman of your word, are you not, my dear? You have proudly proclaimed that a dominick's word is never broken, so I foresee no difficulties involved,"

"but you are mine, Rhea, and I shall be the one to take what you have so enchantingly offered. And you have offered it to me, my sweet Rhea,"

While this book was a Decent read it could have been so much better. While I really liked Rhea and Dante. There wasn't enough of them in this book for my liking. I mean this is their book right? Because it doesn't feel like it. I didn't feel there was enough relationship development. They are not really the main focus of the book. They didn't even meet until I was almost 300 pages into a 500 page book. Come on!! There are so many tedious details in this book that it became a little boring at times. In one part of the book there is 2 pages of nothing but details of the things sold in the London markets. 1 whole page talking about what Rhea's room looks like. Giving the reader a mental picture is good, but some things are just overkill! I have to be honest and say what bothered me the most about this book is the main couple is only in this book like 25- 30 % of the book tops. I know more about Rhea's Parents Sabrina and Lucien and their love then I do about Rhea and Dante! The parts that do have Rhea and Dante together are very sweet and I enjoyed them enough to give this book a 3 Star. 

Below I leave my favorite moment from this book:

"You sound surprised, my friend, that I should be so frail as to fall in love, and especially with one such as Rhea Claire, who is so different from me. We are like night and day, are we not? Devil and angel? Saint and sinner? We began on a note of mistrust, which still exists, but perhaps now it is because of our vulnerability to one another. I have been cruel to her, frightened her intentionally, played with her , seduced her." Then Dante added softly, "But the game has been well met, Alastair, for she has the power to hurt me far more than I have ever hurt her. I am in love with her."

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