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Dark Before the Rising Sun

Book Review of Dark Before The Rising Sun (Dominick Series)

Title: Dark Before The Rising Sun

Series: Dominick Series

Author: Laurie McBain

Date Published:Expected publication: October 6th 2015  (first published 1982)

Date Read:  July 20th , 2015

The Blurb:Newly-wed, Lady Rhea Claire and Dante Leighton must return to England, where their reception is anything but warm.
Now armed with wealth and power, Dante is a target for the murderous smugglers who despoiled his family home, while Rhea's father, the powerful Duke of Camareigh, vehemently rejects their marriage.
The two lovers thought themselves invincible together. But in the riveting conclusion of McBain's epic trilogy, Dante's determination to reclaim his family seat and Rhea's desperation to win over her father threaten to cause an insurmountable rift that could break them apart forever.
My Review

 4 Redemption and Vindication Stars 

"It will be our home, filled with our love, therefore 'tis as grand as anything I could dream of,"
"Dante, you know you have my love forevermore. I have pledged that to you."

Dark Before the Rising Sun is the 3rd book in the Dominick series and the 2nd book about Dante and Rhea. It picks up right where the last book left off. I liked this one a lot more than Chance The Winds of Fortune. Where as Chance The Winds Of Fortune didn't have enough Dante and Rhea for me, in this book their love took center stage making this a much more enjoyable read!

"Never let anyone turn you against me, Rhea. Promise me that."
"That is why I love you, Rhea. You are so gentle and understanding, loyal and forgiving. When I am lost in my darkest thoughts, I think of you and I no longer feel hatred. Perhaps you were sent to be my salvation. I just pray never to lose the unselfish love you have given me, or fall from that high esteem you seem to hold me in."

What this book is about

The newlyweds Dante and Rhea are back in London. Dante is taking his bride home to Merdraco where he will reclaim his birthright, and start their life together. But nothing is ever that easy. First they will have to face Rhea's Father, false kidnapping charges, an ex lover, a home in ruins, and a few old foes out to destroy and end Dante's life. 

"You would be grievously mistaken should you think my husband a lily-livered milksop. And , if I were you," Rhea spoke bravely, "I would not give him another reason to send you into hell, where you should be suffering eternal damnation right now."

"My love. My dearest heart. I don't know what I'd do if I ever lost you. This is one of the blackest days in my life, yet I stand here with you in my arms and I cannot feel despair. I will always triumph,"

Dante and Rhea are so cute in this book. I loved that there is a lot more of them in this book then in the last one. I feel like I really got to know them as a couple and see their relationship evolve. I also got to know them better individually. I loved seeing Dante's vulnerable side it made him feel more real to me. I also loved that Rhea stood by Dante showing him support, love and trust, no matter how bad things got, or looked! Although there are a few small sub-stories going on in this book the main focus is on Rhea and Dante making it flow better. I was glad that Conny and Alastair were in this book a lot. There is a lot more action in this book keeping it from getting boring. I loved the HEA and I feel this book wrapped up the Trilogy nicely. 

Below I leave my favorite moment from this book:

"And did I tell you how much I love you?" he queried further. Rhea's eyes lowered. "Many, many times, m'lord, although 'twould be far more believable if you showed me," she said, startling him with the provocative statement. It had indeed been quite a few months since they had made love. Dante glanced over at her, noting her fiery cheeks. "Aye, m'lady. 'Twould seem as if I do too much talking."

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