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Mind Game

Book Review of Mind Game (GhostWalkers)

Title: Mind Game

Series: GhostWalkers Series

Author: Christine Feehan

Date Published: July 27th 2004

Date Read:  May 19, 2015

The Blurb:
Possessed of an extraordinary telekinetic gift, Dahlia Le Blanc has spent her life isolated from other people. And just when she thinks she's finally achieved some semblance of peace, her well-orchestrated world comes crashing down...

For a reason she cannot guess, she has become the target of deadly assassins. Suddenly no place is safe--not even the secret refuge she'd established long ago. Now she must rely on Nicolas Trevane--a dangerous warrior sent to track her down and protect her. Together they generate a scorching heat Dahlia never imagined was possible. But can she trust this man with her secrets--especially when some people would kill to get their hands on them?

My Review

Jessica's Ultimate Guide to Relationships.

(How not to date someone who acts bipolar and like a coward)

2.5 Stars

* Warning I am going to Rant there will be spoilers*

Signs you might be dating someone who acts like they are Bipolar & a Coward

1. They are like 2 different people

Does your boyfriend or girlfriend smile, crack jokes , and laugh one minute and then rip your head off the next?

2. They are fearful of being with you

Does your boyfriend or girlfriend run from you, push you away constantly, and do they show fear at the thought of being with you?

If so chances are good your are dating a someone who acts like they are Bipolar  & a Coward!

“Don’t love me, Nicolas. Don’t do that.”

WTF Really? I love Christine Feehan and I am a total fangirl, but I gotta keeps it reals. I can't stand Dahlia. OMG she drove me fuckin crazy. She is suppose to be a strong heroine that survived the outside world without any help, and have this kick ass power, but she was one of the biggest Crazy,  Coward I have ever read EVAR!!!!!!!! 

“I’m still careful. I don’t know how this all happened with you. I try not to think about it too much or I want to run.”

This is Dahlia the whole book with Nico:

"I want to kiss you Nicolas." "No Nicolas don't touch me you perv." "Hey Nicolas you wanna look at my boobs" (flashes boobs). "God Nicolas why do you keep looking at my boobs in lust you have a problem you perv". I think Nicolas is so good looking. OH GOD I think a man is good looking I need to run away! Kissing Nicolas on a boat. Wow this is fun Kissing Nicolas on a boat. OH GOD Kissing is scary I have to get away( jumps off the boat into gator filled water!) "Lets make love Nicolas." "Maybe we shouldn't make love Nicolas what if I burn you with my powers?" Making love is awesome ! Fireworks everywhere! Wow 3 times in a row what a beast! "Lets snuggle and sleep." OMG I dream we could be happy and together so now I am scared again and need to run away! "What you love me NO Nicolas you can't love me I am unlovable !" "Awe you are so nice to me Nicolas and it scares me." "Awe you are so supportive and understanding Nicolas. STOP IT I can't trust you and I don't want to depend on you!" ( Makes love to Nicolas many many more times) While making love to Nicolas mid stoke he says "Dahila I want to be with you forever". OMG That is scary! "NO Nicolas we can't be together I am not normal, this is scary and I need to be alone I don't trust you even if your penis is inside of me right now, I can't trust anyone!" "What you love me OH GOD the L word is so scary!" While I push you away lets still have sex like every 10 minutes. " What you want to marry? OK, but I am still waiting for the other shoe to drop and I ain't saying the L word!" (LAST SENTENCE ON THE LAST PAGE OF THE BOOK) "Ok I love you Nicolas but if you are playing with my feelings I will set you on fire!"

“Damn it, Nicolas, I hate to whine and feel self-pity. It’s useless. But I can’t do this. I can’t be with all these people and not overload. How in the world do you think there’s going to be a happily ever after? You’ll have to go your way, and I can’t go with you. And there’s Lily.” Her voice broke off and she leaned into him. “I don’t want to read her letter or see her. I don’t. I can’t. She’ll be everything I ever wanted in a sister. Everything I ever remembered, and I won’t be able to have her. I should never have started anything with you. Never.”

“Of the two of us, you’re far more afraid of emotional commitment than I am. I may have limits, but at least I put myself out there. You’re so busy taking care that nothing disturbs your perfect tranquility that you’ve forgotten to live your life.”- Nicolas

Not only was she a coward with Nicolas and their relationship, but she was clearly Bipolar. One minute making jokes and laughin and the next she was hateful or depressed. I can't even tell you how many times she was rocking her self knees tucked up under her chin just rocking like she was having a break down or curling into the fetal position. Her powers sucked. She would be going on about how she can take care of herself and girl power and all that good shit, yet she couldn't be around anyone because their emotions fed her powers, causing a overload of power that would make her sick. When she was overloaded it caused her to blow fire balls out of herself, setting things on fire , puking, passing out, and having seizures! Really? I am suppose to believe she works for the government, sneaking around stealing important things for them. Yea right. I can see it now she sneaks into an office to steal a top secret file. All of a sudden a guard walks by, he has Hemorrhoids bad, and they are driving him crazy. They are Itching so bad all he wants to do is scratch em but he knows the cameras are watching. He gets irritated and bam she is puking, or fire balls are blowing up everywhere. Really I sure no one will notice right! Pfff whatevs!

When you discover you are in fact dating someone who acts Bipolar and like a  Coward the best course of action is to end the relationship.

Poor Nicolas! I like him a lot. He is the silent stone cold type. He tries so hard with Dahlia, that somewhere along the way he turns into a kicked puppy. The whole relationship is him being super supportive, sweet, while begging her to stay with him and give their relationship a try. Which just fed my Hate for Dahlia all the more she took this strong sexy man took all his dignity and turned him into a beggar.

“Don’t do this, Dahlia,” he whispered against her neck when Kaden made his way off the roof. “Stay with me. I know it isn’t easy, but we can find a way.”

“Don’t try to run out on me, Dahlia,”

“Do you have any idea how pathetic I sound, Dahlia? This is classic role reversal. Women beg men to talk about relationships. Men never want to talk relationships. You’re supposed to want this conversation.”

Dahlia, don’t go so far away from me. Nicolas made his tone as intimate as possible. I know you’re tired and upset, and you have every reason to be. If you want to toss your job with the NCIS, I’m behind you all the way. Just don’t put me in with the rest of them.

The only thing I enjoyed about this book at all is the boys. When the Ghostwalkers got together there is such a cute and funny comradery that I couldn't help but love those parts of the book. Which is why this book is a 2.5 star book instead of a 1 star. The guys are the only thing that kept me from smashing my kindle against a wall! I will say that the first time Nicolas and Dahlia have sex was hott, but I didn't enjoy it as much because she was trying to run out on him the next minute. I get that she had a hard life. I can understand some fear and mistrust, but when it is taken to a point of extreme it's just annoying. I can even understand that her powers would make anyone depressed but damn she just kinda had the give up on life attitude. I hate that! Just like I can understand Nicolas going slow and being so understanding to a point, but when he is pleading with her to stay the whole book it's time to cut your loses and find someone else. She so isn't worth it. I am so disappointed with this book. I hope the next one is better. God let the next one be better! Below I leave my favorite moment. No surprise it's with the guys.

"I know you’re holding a gun on me, Nico,” Gator’s voice called from the front room. “Put it away. It’s not very nice when I’ve been so hospitable.” Suddenly Gator was framed in the doorway, grinning at them, his black, unruly hair tumbling into his face and his piercing blue eyes bright with laughter. “Oh, I see you are most friendly with each other. And Lily was so worried.” He turned his head. “Ian, Tucker, come look at this. Our man has found himself a little kitty cat.” “Shut up, Gator, or I’m going to shoot you.” Nicolas put the gun away and looked down at Dahlia. She had the covers pulled up to her chin. Her eyes were enormous and getting bigger by the moment as more GhostWalkers crowded into the doorway to gape at the sight of Nicolas, the loner, in bed with Dahlia. “And you said he didn’t know what to do with a woman,” Tucker Addison accused the tallest of the group, Ian McGillicuddy. “I stand corrected.” Ian gave Nicolas a small salute. Dahlia made a small distressed squeak. Nicolas picked up the gun. “I’m going to start shooting if the lot of you don’t get out and close the door.”

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