Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Author being a cyberbully

In this day and age Cyberbullying is a serious problem!  

As a book reviewer for the past 2 years on various sites I have been bullied a time or two and it sucks.  No one likes being called names or to be made fun of.  Yesterday when logging onto one of my favorite book sites I found out that a fellow blogger was being Cyberbullied.  This other reviewer who I respect greatly has been writing reviews for at least the 2 years that I have been following her.  What I have always loved about her reviews are that they are always honest.  Books are costly and I don't want to spend my money on a book I will hate.  When I started writing my own reviews I decided I would write only honest reviews too.  Never blasting an author personally but if I don't like a book I'm gonna say it!

This other reviewer was being bullied by an author.  An author who's book she reviewed and didn't really care for.  Now I have read the review and it was well written, humorous, while still remaining respectful.  It clearly states why the book didn't work for her and that it was just her opinion.  Here is that review if anyone would like to read it.
Now the author of this book sees the review and gets mad that the review wasn't glowing and she gets on her Facebook and attacked the reviewer.  She not only calls the reviewer a derogatory name, she tells her fans to also harass this reviewer. She tells them to flag her review so that it will get removed.  

That is totally unacceptable behavior and completely unprofessional.  Reviewers have the right to not like a book and to write a review about what they didn't like.  This author didn't just stop there nope she then made a mocking picture in reference to something the reviewer said in her review and then posted it while continuing to mock the reviewer to her fans.  

Oh this lovely author didn't stop there she also mocked other reviewers that didn't love her book.

Of course she has now removed those posts but not before me and many other readers screen shot them.  Shame on this author and any other that bullies readers and reviewers for not liking their books.  We are all entitled to our own opinions.  Not everyone is going to love your work and that doesn't give you the right to attack them.  

I will never read a book by this author.  I support my fellow readers and reviewers.  I respect the fact that we are all different and have different taste.  It's our hard earned money  that has to pay for books we have the right not to like something.  

To all reviewers out there that take the time out of your life to sit down and write a review.  Thank you.  


  1. Sounds like that Author can't take criticism. Typical behavior of a spoiled brat to surround herself with yes men, but to actually encourage them to attack someone who was a lot nicer about her review than she had to be? Pathetic. Hopefully this little Diva Author learns some humility.

  2. The more I see of this author, the more I just don't get her behavior. It's like a mean girl from high school that has gone way over the top! It's insane!!!! I've had people tell me that my books just aren't for them. Honestly, if every person I encountered LOVED my books, I'd be pretty sure that they were all full of it! The fact is that everyone has different taste. It just is what it is. And I read the original review where the author went crazy and asked everyone to "flag that b****" and didn't even see anything wrong with it. The reviewer even had points in there about why other people may like the book despite the fact that she didn't. This whole mess was like watching a train wreck. The only thing that makes me even more mad is the fact that this author is getting even more attention from this whole thing!

  3. Awesome post, Jessica. I'm going to post one too...this is a serious problem. What irks me even more is that the author then goes whining to GR. They can't touch blog posts though.

  4. It really is a problem and we as reviewers and readers shouldn't have to put up with that crap. I was so mad after goodreads took down my little note about not reading a author that bullies reviewers that it drove me crazy. I had to write my thoughts Thank God for blogs! Freeing my mind! lol

  5. As a writer, you have to know that not everybody is going to love your book. In fact, my editor told me once that it isn't good to get all 4's and 5's - no book is universally loved and if it isn't getting a few neg reviews then it's not being widely read. When you write you make yourself vulnerable and it's a risk you take. If you're not willing to take it, you shouldn't be publishing. Life is tough enough - I've no time for the haters. Sorry this reviewer got bullied and I truly hope it won't stop her from continuing to review honestly. Those are the only kind of reviews worth having.