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Echoes of the Heart

Book Review of Echoes of the Heart (Esterloch series)

Title: Echoes Of The Heart

Series: Esterloch

Author: Stacey A. Purcell

Date Published:November 8th 2015

Date Read:    April 26, 2016

The Blurb:

Stuck in upstate New York to work off a humiliating arrest, Dr. Calista Montgomery is forced to deal with the disdain of arrogant sheriff Jack Benfield—and their undeniable attraction. 


For Dr. Calista Montgomery, losing her soldier husband was like diving into a cold dark sea, and the events at his funeral swept her farther from shore. Crushed by the lies, Cali crawls into a bottle and flees all she knows. Inebriated and drifting aimlessly, she winds up in Esterloch, New York, where she’s arrested and hits bottom. Offered a chance to expunge her record, she accepts the conditions…but the real challenge is keeping herself safe from the arrogant, gorgeous and commanding sheriff. 


Sheriff Jack Benfield hates drunks. They’re selfish, manipulative, and they break hearts, and his is no exception. He saw the damage inflicted upon his family, so he has no patience for any of them, not even the beautiful Dr. Montgomery. His body, however, has different ideas, and soon two desperate souls will discover that some breaks make us stronger—and sometimes we must drown before we learn how to breathe.

My Review

                  2 Just not for me Stars

                   *There will be Spoilers* 

This book was so not for me. I almost DNF'd this book like 4 times and though OCD won out again(I have yet to DNF a book in the years I have been reading) this was the closest I've gotten to an DNF to date. I sat here for hours after finishing this book trying to think of the nicest way to write a review on a book I totally disliked while being honest. So I guess I will start by saying that my hate for this book had nothing to do with the author or her writing talent, but my personal taste. That being said. I didn't like anything about this book. I didn't like the hero Jack. I didn't like the heroine Cali. I didn't like the way the story plot played out. I didn't like their relationship and I didn't like their HEA. Not one thing did I like.

Jack was a jerk the whole book. He was vicious to the heroine Cali over her being a alcoholic. He treated her with scorn, disgust and mockery. Yes I understand that his mom and twin sister where alcoholic's that hurt him and he lost them both, but he took out all his past pain on Cali. And he didn't change his ways til the 97% mark of the book. That's right 97%. Then he sees the light. Well it was too late for me Jack. After he pushed her down on the ground cutting up her leg. Accused her of drinking, when she told him she didn't he called her a liar. Told another man he could have her that he didn't want her no more. All this when she needed him the most. A close friend had just died and she was hurting. So what did he do for the final icing on the cake? He brings his ex girlfriend to the funeral where she is touching all over him in front of Cali. Then later that night he finds Cali jogging and tells her he is leaving town. She tells him she loves him and they can work it out and he still leaves her. For 4 months.... Then he comes back at the last 2% of the book says he was an ass and all is forgiven. NOPE!!!!

Cali I didn't care for either, although I didn't hate her like I did Jack. I more felt just meh with her and a touch of pity. A widow Cali found out at her soldier husband's grave that he was cheating on her and had a baby with another woman. So she takes to drinking her pain away. I may have liked her better if she was paired with a better hero maybe. 

Another issue I had with this book was I didn't get their relationship at all. I didn't understand how they could fall in love. There wasn't any sweet moments. Just him being a jerk to her when they were around each other. Them not being around each other and then bam they kiss and have sex. How did we get from point A to point B? I didn't buy their love. Also Janie the friend that died in the book, that part of the plot(and it was a big part of the plot) was so depressing. Us readers got to read as she slowly dies scared and struggling to breathe. Which just made me have flash backs of my papa dying of lung Cancer. I was a CNA for 9 years, became one just because of my papa and wanting to take care of him. So to say that it hit close to home was a understatement. Truthfully I found almost all the book depressing. I felt like I needed antidepressants to get through the story. There was no happy moments. No fun. Just sad stuff and Jack making me mad. I do just think it was me. Me and this book just didn't Jive. I think it was more of a personal taste problem. So don't just take my word for it. What works for some doesn't work for others and vise versa . 

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