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A Knight in Cowboy Boots

Book Review of A Knight In Cowboy Boots(McKnight Series)

Title: A Knight In Cowboy Boots

Series: McKnight Series

Author: Suzie Quint

Date Published: August 4th 2011

Date Read:   September 17, 2016

The Blurb:

When Zach McKnight, an irresistible oil rig worker with a thick-as-honey Texan drawl, first pokes into the secrets surrounding the mysterious Maddie Wells, he has no idea that the chance encounter will change his life forever. Maddie Wells is on the run with Jesse, the infant son of her murdered sister. The boy’s father isn't far behind. He wants his son and is willing to kill to get him. Zach is intrigued from the first moment he sees the dark haired beauty in a hotel, but getting his hard working hands on her delectable body is more easily dreamt than achieved. He gets shot for his trouble, by Maddie no less, and sucked into the web of lies and fear that are her constant companions. 

My Review

1.5 love triangle with a ghost Stars

****** Major Spoilers*****

Let me just say that this book was just not for me! Sorry but I didn't like the heroine Maddie. But the biggest problem I had with this book. The thing that ruined it for me was that I felt like poor Zach was second place to Maddie's dead boyfriend Vince. OMG it bothered me so bad. I have friends that don't like reading books with dead exs at all, because they feel like the new love interest is second place always. Because if that person wasn't dead the new one wouldn't have a shot with them in the first place. I have never been like that. I don't mind books with dead exs as long as the the new love is just as special and loved. To me I love when a widow finds love again and life goes on. Just because I am okay with dead exs doesn't mean I want to read a book where I believe the hero or heroine loves that dead ex more. I don't like second place either. 

This book was so bad about it that I really don't buy Maddie's love for Zach and I don't blame Zach for his doubt either. For one it put a knot in my stomach that she thought about Vince all the time. I do mean ALL THE TIME! He was dead but he was like a main character with a staring role. She really was having a love triangle with Zach and Vince's ghost and the ghost was winning for like 90% of the book. Hell she didn't even tell Zach she loved him until the last page and then she told him while still comparing him to Vince. She said 

"I loved him a lot." She kept her gaze firmly on the diamond. "Almost as much as I love you."-Maddie

She talked about Vince all the time. Cried for him. Smelled his shirt. Thought about pretending Zach was Vince when she was going to sleep with him as a one night stand. And she only picked Zach as that one night stand because he sounded like Vince. Then when she does sleep with him for the first time she calls out Vince's name when they are having sex. He misunderstands her and thinks she said hints but she said Vince. Gross! 

Of course he figures it out and it rips his heart out. She dreams about him and she tells Zach that she will always love him. I mean Damn poor Zach. Zach was sweet talkin' sexy as hell cowboy and I felt he deserved better. It just truly ruined it for me because there is nothing beautiful about never being good enough. I want a romance to make me swoon not make me wish the hero would break up the heroine and find someone better! Just sayin'. 

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