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Catch Me, Cowboy

Book Review of Catch Me, Cowboy (78th Copper Mountain Rodeo Series)

Title: Catch Me, Cowboy

Series: 78th Copper Mountain Rodeo Series

Author:  Jeannie Watt

Date Published:  September 6th 2016

Date Read:   September 29, 2016

The Blurb:

She will not be his second choice… 

When champion bronc rider Ty Harding returns home after four long years on the road, the first thing he does is look up Shelby O’Connor—the woman who begged him to stay. The woman he still loves. 

Horse trainer Shelby O’Connor truly believes she’s over Ty—until he shows up on her family ranch and turns her world upside down. Shelby isn’t a big one for second chances, but she’s all about proving that she and Ty are done. But when she discovers that Ty plans to head back out on the rodeo circuit, despite his injuries, she has to come to terms with the fact that maybe she isn’t as over him as she thought she was. And now she has to decide what to do about that. 

Will history repeat itself, or will Ty and Shelby get another chance at love

My Review

4 Unresolved Issues Stars

Some Spoilers

Catch Me, Cowboy the 1st book in the 78th Copper Mountain Rodeo Series was a great read. Sexy cowboys, second chance love, and a sweet Gramps what's not to love? 4 years ago Shelby and Ty broke up and it hurt them both. He wanted her to come on the road with him while he was in the rodeo and she wanted him to give up the rodeo and stay. They went their own way. Years later Ty is back in town and he wants to pick up where he left off with Shelby. 

"Four years is long time. I've never stopped thinking about you." She stared at him for a moment. Was he honestly going here? Trying to pick things up again? "Are you saying that you made the wrong choice four years ago? When he'd chosen rodeo over staying and making a life with her? "I made the only choice I could." The only choice he could make was rodeo? A spark of anger flickered to life. "But now that your career is over"-ended by a mare who'd gone down and crushed him more than half a year ago-"you're back?" She let out a snort. "I can't tell you how much I appreciate being your contingency plan."-Ty and Shelby

From the start of this book it was clear to see that Ty and Shelby were still in love with each other. They were both deeply hurt over their break up. For the first few chapters I was right there with Shelby, angry at Ty for choosing the rodeo over her. I wanted her to give him hell. To keep him at arm's length, and she did. But as the story went on I found out that he wanted her to go with him and that if she didn't go he still wanted to be together. She was the one that made him choose her or the rodeo and then broke it off with him. That was when I softened on Ty. 

"For the record, we are not getting back together, and if that hadn't been your intentions then I misread the situation and I apologize." "You didn't misread." Not one bit. "And you've made your feelings on the matter damned clear." "I'm glad we understand each other." "We don't." -Shelby and Ty

Ty was so sexy. After 4 years he still loved Shelby and wanted her. He was stubborn and he was going to do his best to win her back. I love that he was true to himself and was honest with Shelby. As the book went on I was more on Ty's side. 

"Do you want me to admit I made a mistake? Even though we both had shit to work out and it probably wasn't a mistake? Is there something about hearing those words that makes everything better? Because, if so, I'll say them. I made a mistake. But so did you. I think we could have worked our way through things if you hadn't slung ultimatums at me. It didn't have to be all or nothing. Other people manage relationship while they're on the road."-Ty

Shelby was scared. She lost her mom and watching Ty riding scared her. So she pushed him away. I can understand it but at times I was frustrated with her. She was very strong in some ways but she had major abandonment issues. She loved Ty and it showed but she was so scared to lose him that it was like she was straddling the fence when they got back together.

"Sometimes you got to cut loose and take a risk." "I did. And the aftermath was not pretty." She lifted her chin to meet his gaze. "I ached for you, Ty. I'd wake up in the middle of the night wanting you so badly. It really, really hurt." "Yet you never called me."-Ty and Shelby

Ty and Shelby together had an undeniable connection, but they had some major relationship drama. Some push/pull in this book but it wasn't over the top. I really liked Shelby's Gramps. I thought he brought something special to the book. I was disappointed that even though they loved each other, I don't remember any I love yous being said. I really enjoyed this quick sexy cowboy read. I liked the rodeo aspect of it. I kept hearing Garth Brooks's song Rodeo in my head the whole time I was reading this book! And the ending was very cute!

"I'm not leaving you, Shelby. Whether or not I ride, I'm not leaving you."-Ty

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