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Visibly Broken

Book Review of Visibly Broken

Title: Visibly Broken

Series: Novel

Author: Chelsea Camaron and MJ Fields

Date Published: September 20th 2016

Date Read:   September 15, 2016

The Blurb:

Jason “Cobra” Stanley was born to fight. With a father like his, he had to toughen up just to survive. Now Cobra tries to take out all of his frustration, all of his anger, and all of his pain in the MMA cage. But after he receives one too many hits to the head during a match with Jagger Caldwell, the cycle of violence comes to a screeching halt. Cobra wakes up in the hospital, under the care of a nurse whose blond hair shines like a halo—and whose pure heart touches him on the deepest level.

Lorraine Bosch is a fighter too. Having escaped from her own controlling father, she prides herself on remaining professional, despite the chaos of the ER. But Cobra is the ultimate distraction. Lorraine knows she should run away screaming from his rippling muscles and shattered psyche. And yet how can she deny this broken man a second chance—especially since she knows exactly what he’s been through? Lorraine’s used to playing guardian angel. Now it’s her turn to find heaven in Cobra’s arms.

My Review

3 Home stars


Well I will just say that the start of this book ticked me off and I almost dnfed it, but I read a few reviews from my goodreads friends that said it got better and I held on. And while it wasn't a great read for me I didn't hate it , and it did get better as the book went on. Making this a 3 star read for me. I did have one really big problem with this book and it really tainted the story for me. I seen the cover of this book on Netgalley and read the blurb and it sounded good. No where in the info I seen on this book does it say it's dark or that there is domestic violence in it.

NOTHING! See I read Dark romances and I love dark romances and even some dark not romances, but I know ahead of time it's gonna be dark. I am mentally prepared for the dark. I'm in the right mind set. See I am more lenient with men in Paranormal, Biker, BDSM, and Dark romances. I hold them to a different set of rules and overlook behavior's I would not ever tolerate in real life or in other romances. If I didn't I would never be able to read those genres.

Don't tell me I'm getting a love story about a sexy MMA fighter and give me an asshole that hits his girlfriend, and expect me to love or even like him. WTF? Even in Dark romances the dark is normally not from the hero beating on women. Jason/ Cobra our hero, just a few pages in, and he is beating, and choking his gf (who is not the heroine). The gf wasn't much better either. She sits there provoking him by telling him she is going to have sex with other men(mainly a man he hates), flips out on him saying he is cheating all the time, and of course she hits him too. Sorry but there just is no redeeming the hero that repeatedly beats his gf. After reading that I've got blinders on the whole book, and it colored the way I looked at everything. 

Every time he told Lo he would never hurt her like that, I didn't believe him. And I know I rolled my eyes and popped off with snarky comments every single time. I would have been able to forgive him if he had just hit his ex gf just once realized how messed up and toxic that relationship was lefted her and then changed. But for 3 years nope sorry that's just too much to swallow. I also had a hard time connecting to Lorraine(Lo) the heroine at all. Lo just confused me. She was straight crazy. She had some multiple personality disorder going on. She would be herself then she would be her dead twin sister Heidi(Hi). It threw me off. Especially the fact that she had been wearing a wig to look like her sister and sleep with her sister's bf Ryan letting him pretend she was Hi. That was just plain gross. I get that "bad things", Really "bad things" happened to her but damn. It was hard to relate to someone a banana short of a fruit salad. Just sayin'!

I will say that the last 25 or 30% was good. He didn't seem angry and violent, her crazy just dried up and they had lots of hot sex. Hot sex always helps! I did like the fact that I didn't know who the bad guys was until they were revealed towards the end. And I thought the HEA was very very sweet. I just wish the author would have left out the domestic violence or not taken it to that extreme(3 years). Over all not a bad read even with the problems I had with it.

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