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Childish Games

Book Review of Childish Games (Meet The Shepards Series)

Title: Childish Games

Series: Meet The Shepards Series

Author: Jacqueline Francis

Date Published: August 2016

Date Read:   September 28, 2016

The Blurb:

Tyler is the millionaire boss.
Jordan is the insubordinate accountant.
Tyler has no charm.
Jordan has no tact.
Tyler lost his girlfriend. 
Jordan lost her brain-to-mouth filter.
So now Tyler is single.
And Jordan is single.
And that’s about the only thing they have in common. 
But Tyler doesn’t want to be single. He wants his ex-girlfriend back and getting her back entails the execution of an incredibly childish plan. There is a problem, though. There’s only one way this dumb plan will ever work. He needs another woman. And believe it or not, his pushy, facetious, offensively sarcastic accountant is his best option.
Maybe he should have thought this through…

Warning: Contains an extremely WEIRD male lead. If you’re looking for an office romance with a brutish alpha male, you won’t find it here. Read at your own risk.
This is a full-length, contemporary romance (no cliff hanger). For adults only due to foul language and sexual content.

My Review

5 Roman Stars


"Wow, Tyler. That's....pretty wild," she said with a hiccup of a laugh. "Are you mocking me?" She tried to hold back a smile. "No. Why would I do that?" "I'm sure I heard a distinct mocking tone." "I'm sure you are mistaken," she said, lifting the menu up to hide her face.-Jordan and Tyler 

Let me just start this review by saying this book totally surprised me. After reading the blurb I had this idea in my head of how the book was going to go. I figured that Tyler would go on some dates with Jordan. As was the plan he and his buddy Matt came up with to make Tyler's ex jealous. It would work of course, but then Tyler would end up falling in love with Jordan. Then Tyler would do something stupid like go back to his ex ripping Jordan's heart out. He would then realize a day or two later that he was actually in love with Jordan and not the ex and go beg his way back. Hea the end. That was what I figured I would get. I also figured I would be getting a 3 to 4 star read as long as there was no cheating or extreme cowardly behavior(my two biggest pet peeves) because I read book one in this series and knew this author had a great sense of humor and that I enjoyed her writing style.

"I'll have the veal," Tyler said firmly. She looked up at the waiter and smiled, her amusement threatening to brim over. "He's off the chain tonight!" "You are mocking me."-Tyler and Jordan 

I was so wrong. The plot took a different route. The funny thing is that at the end of the book the author put a little note saying that she intended to do just as I thought, and make Tyler go back to his ex, but that Tyler in her head just wouldn't do it. And that the story played out different than she had outlined. And I am so glad that it did! Instead of Tyler dating Jordan like I thought. He went on 2 non-dates with her. He tells her they are non-dates just to say thanks for her work. He doesn't touch her, kiss her or nothing on these non-dates. I was glad of this because it felt less like he was using her. Then When he starts liking Jordan he tells Jordan that he needs time to think. That he is just coming out of a 3 year relationship. He tells her he doesn't do hook-ups or flings. That he wanted to be sure of what he wants before he starts anything with her. Totally bringing up my respect for Tyler again. So when they fell in love in this book I knew Tyler was all about Jordan. I had no doubts. Then when his ex does come back he didn't choose or want her. He was Jordan's man period! And I enjoyed that so much! It gave me something different. Something unpredictable and much more enjoyable then what I thought I was getting!

"Have you ever laughed so hard you farted?" Tyler's mouth dropped open and he started at her with a gob smacked expression. "What?" "Have you ever....laughed so farted?" "Jordan, I don't feel comfortable-" "Answer the question," she said, pointing her knife at him like she was going to use it as a weapon.-Jordan and Tyler 

Jordan OMG Jordan. I have a mad girl crush on her. I loved every single thing about Jordan. From her filthy mouth, to her sarcastic snarky attitude, she was perfect! She had no filter and just said what she thought! I love that there were just so many sides to Jordan. Nerdy Jordan, smart mouth Jordan, homicidal Jordan, sexy Jordan, playful friend Jordan, loving Jordan, and vulnerable Jordan. There was nothing about her I would change. Nothing! I felt the same way about Tyler. He was so different and I loved him. Nothing about him was predictable which made him fresh and exciting. He was an oddball. He did not talk about his feelings at all, he was set in this ways, and very controlled. He liked what he liked and he didn't want to rock the boat or try new things. He was socially awkward and not so great with communication outside the corporate world. Which made Tyler funny without even trying. I loved that Tyler had integrity. He didn't sleep with Jordan or start a relationship with her until he was sure that he wanted her! Tyler was also caring, sexy, and smart. 

"I thought Aquarians are supposed to be insensitive. You going soft on me, Jordan?" "Ugh! Fuck. I am." She dropped over onto the sofa and threw her arms out on either side of her. "Just have sex with me and make me forget all this soppiness." "You're damaged goods, Roman,"-Tyler and Jordan 

"Why is your girlfriend absconding?" "She's not absconding," Matthew answered. "She's pissed off so she probably just went home early." "Well, I found this note on her desk that says..." Mervin looked down at the piece of paper in his hand. "I'm absconding. Fuck you! Her words, not mine."-Mervin, Matt and Jordan(by note) 

Tyler and Jordan were great together. A bit of an odd couple. Like oil and water they were so different that they clashed all the time and it was extremely amusing. But it also worked really well for them. They just fit together so nicely. Had a closeness that felt real. I loved how Jordan pushed Tyler out of his comfort zone. Made him try new things. Changing Tyler, making him a better man. But Tyler was still Tyler at his core. He maintained all the things about him that I loved and respected. I also loved how accepting of Jordan Tyler was. He didn't care that she put her foot in her mouth a lot, had crazy friends or was a goofball. He fell in love with her all of her. The sexual tension in this book was off the charts. And when they did get together hot dayum but Tyler could put it down! Mister Stiff shirt Evans had a dirty side and I Loved it! Jordan was a wildcat but with her personality that wasn't much of a shock. 

"You have no idea what you do to me. These last few felt like I couldn't breathe. You stripped the very air out of my lungs. And when you told me you love me, it weakened me, made me feel like my whole world would collapse if you weren't in it... and I didn't want you to know that....but now you do. You mean everything to me. You're strength and weakness at the same time. I feel so out of control when I'm with you...I feel more out of control when I'm not."-Tyler 

Of course I got to take some time to talk about the awesome supporting characters in this book. Matt, Tyler's best friend of 19 years was just great. The bromance that him and Tyler had was so cute. The way they could pretty much read each others minds was funny as hell. They would have whole conversations by just saying each other's name or one or two words.

"Matthew." "Tyler." "Matthew." "Tyler?" "Matthew..." There. He got it. "Are you gonna be my wing-man tomorrow?" He heard a sigh on the other side of the phone. "I'll be there, Ty."-Tyler and Matt
His smile disappeared when Matt stepped into his office. "Matthew." "Tyler." "Trouble?" "Fremont." "Bad?" "Got it covered. Victor?" "I'm on it." "Lunch meeting?" "Tomorrow." Tyler nodded his head towards her. "Jordan." "Gemma. Thursday?" "Sure." "See you later,Ty."-Tyler and Matt

Gemma and Neil Jordan's two besties were off the charts crazy and hilarious. They had such big personalities. I just couldn't help but love them and want them as my own besties! The shit that came out their mouths had me rolling. My God they were crazy!

"C'mon," Neil coaxed. "We could have some beers, some Rohypnol-" "Isn't that a date-rape drug?" Tyler cut in. "It isn't rape if you yell surprise first." A sick smile twisted on his face. "Surprise!"-Neil and Tyler
"Names like sweetheart and baby make me cringe," Gemma explained. "And most guys only call you that so that they don't have to remember your actual name." "I think pet names are sweet," he countered. "That's where you and I differ, Neilums. You see, if I am taking the time out of my very busy schedule to ride a man's cock....that bitch better know my name!"-Gemma and Neil

This whole book was super funny. I giggled, laughed and smiled so much my face hurt. I laughed so much that my husband kept asking me what was so funny. I would then read him the parts that made me laugh, and it made him laugh too. There was some push/pull in this book with Tyler wanting Jordan, but wanting to be sure that he was over his ex. But the angst of this book was balanced well with the humor so it was never torture. I also was surprised and absolutely loved how Tyler won Jordan back (because she found out that he took her on the first few non dates to try to win his ex back and she was hurt and doubted his feelings for her)  it was over the top, crazy funny, and also not something I ever read before. Their hea was perfect. I have to say I truly enjoyed ever single minute of this read. It was one of those books I loved so much, I wish you could wipe it from my mind, so I could reread it and enjoy it all over again for the first time. I really liked the cover it was very cute! The author also gave a peek at Kevin's book to come and I am really looking forward to reading it. I have a soft spot for grumpy assholes and Kev seems like he is going to have some real asshole moments. *Claps hands* Can't wait! Also I really hope Matt gets his own book maybe with Gemma? 

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