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Falling Hard

Book Review of Falling Hard (Colorado High Country  Series)

Title: Falling Hard

Series: Colorado High Country Series

Author: Pamela Clare 

Date Published: February 21st 2017

Date Read:   March 1, 2017

The Blurb:

A war widow alone… 

Ellie Meeks promised her pilot husband that if anything happened to him, she would live her life to the fullest. Three years later, she is still alone, raising the twins he never met. She has no interest in dating or meeting men—until one snowy night when a stranger helps her get her sick kids safely home. That stranger turns out to be a former Army Ranger and a member of the elite Rocky Mountain Search & Rescue Team. He’s also tall, rugged… and irresistibly sexy.

All it takes is one kiss… 

Jesse Moretti came to Colorado to get Iraq out of his head, using the adrenaline of extreme sports and high-risk mountain rescues to keep his mind off the past. But getting involved with Ellie might be the riskiest thing he’s ever done. It’s not just their explosive chemistry. There’s something about Ellie that gets inside him, opening him to feelings he’s tried hard to ignore.

When passion ignites… 

Ellie feels alive in Jesse’s arms and happier than she ever thought she’d feel again. But their relationship comes at a price for him, and soon Ellie sees that she must help Jesse fight the demons of his past to protect the love of a lifetime—and save the heart of a hero.

My Review

5 Moving on Stars


OMG my feels! Pamela Clare did it again. I loved Falling Hard. Every single minute of it. Colorado High Country the series has been a total hit for me. I have loved every single book in this series. And while Eric and Victoria are my favorite couple of the series, Jesse and Ellie come in a very close second. This book had everything you could want in a romance. Sexy abs...Check. Sexy fantasy role playing.... Check. Adorable 3 year old twins..... Double Check! 

Ellie had a rough past. Her husband died in Iraq when she was 4 months pregnant with their twins. Ellie did her best to raise her babies as a single mom but she hadn't really moved on from losing her beloved husband until she met Jesse. What I really liked was that Ellie loved both her dead husband and Jesse. Sometimes when I read widow books the widow either didn't really love their dead spouse or they loved them so much that the dead spouse is like a ghost that haunts the new relationship making me feel like the new person was second place. In Falling Hard I never felt like Jesse was second but I still felt like Ellie had a real love with her dead husband. A respectable love and then she moved on with an equally strong love for Jesse. It was a nice balance. 

Jesse was so sexy and yummy and God I loved him! Former Army Ranger, Rocky mountain search and rescue team member, toddler whisperer, and just all around sexy beast Jesse had it all. I loved the way he was with the twins. I loved how protective he was. He was so heroic always trying to save everyone. Jesse had a rough life and some scars but they just added to his depth and gave him that sexy damage bad boy edge. There was nothing about Jesse I would change!

Jesse and Ellie had an instant strong connection, lots of lust, but their love had a nice build to it. I loved that even though in the start of their relationship he felt a little jealous of Dan(Ellie's dead husband) he never let it show. He didn't act petty or try to replace Dan. Ellie never made me feel like Jesse was second place in her life or the twins. Although I did wish she would have taken off her wedding ring a little sooner. This book brought out a lot of emotions. I could feel Ellie's pain from the lost of her first love. The struggle she had to raise the twins when their dad never even got to meet them. I could feel the guilt Jesse felt when he couldn't save someone. His fear that his baggage would hurt Ellie and the twins. His love for her and the twins. Everything felt raw, real and just jumped off the pages making me tear up a few times. I also really enjoyed getting to catch up with the beloved couples from the past books. Seeing Lexi and Taylor are starting a family, know how strong Vic and Eric's love still is. Overall I loved this book. I love this series and I love me some Pamela Clare. I can't wait to see who's book is next. I am hoping for Chaska Belcourt's book!!

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