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Book Review of Shadow (New Species Series)

Title: Shadow

Series: New Species Series

Author: Laurann Dohner

Date Published:October 30th 2012

The Blurb: 
Beauty resents being labeled Gift Species. Everyone is way too overprotective, males aren’t even allowed to speak to her and so far true freedom eludes her. Then a big, sexy Species officer mistakes her for the enemy and takes her to the ground. 

Shadow is dumbfounded. He has a Gift pinned under him—a big no-no. But Beauty is fascinated and wants to know Shadow a lot better. She is full of newly discovered, unrequited passion and he’s just what she needs to satisfy her curiosity. 

For Shadow, sex means pain and revulsion. For Beauty, it was enslavement and ridicule. Two lonely souls who have never known a lover’s touch, together in a cabin in the woods. Each touch, every discovery brings them closer to a life they never thought possible…beyond even their dreams.

My Review

                   4 I just had sex Stars

“I’m really not. I’m scared all the time but I’m more afraid of wasting the life I’ve been given by never taking chances. I have enough regrets.”

So Shadow is the 9th book in the New Species Series. Beauty is sick of being called gift. Everyone treats her with kid gloves. Men aren't allowed to even talk to gift females. It's like a prettier prison, and Beauty is sick of it. She wants a life, love, and she just wants to be treated normal. One night while running in the rain to feel free and alive, she is tackled by a NS male. She isn't afraid of him. She feels drawn to him. He is so big and sexy. She is going to have him and a life. Now she just has to figure out how to go about getting what she wants, when everyone treats her like a child!

“That’s what Gifts are to all of you, right? Children? Why did you bother to save us? It’s a prison without abuse but it’s still captivity. Sunshine, nicer living conditions, and food aren’t enough.”


Shadow is messed up. While imprisoned he was hooked to a masterbation machine and forced to watch porn while they stole his semen to sell to people who wanted to make species babies for pets. He is afraid to touch a woman , doesn't know how he will act if he has flash backs. Then he meets Beauty and he has never wanted a female more. Shadow was sweet, sexy, and very protective.... I loved how he was always dropping to his knees to talk to her so they were eye level. He opened himself up to her made himself vulnerable . 

“It means you shouldn’t say that to me unless you really mean it. I’d keep you in my bed, Beauty. You don’t need to worry about me with other females. I already avoid them. You’re the only one who tempts me to the point where I’d face anything to touch you.”

“I was afraid I might hurt you but I’ve wanted you since the moment we met.” He hugged her tighter to him. “I’m damaged and was worried that would cripple me when it came to sharing sex.” His fingers stroked her arm, glad she relaxed. “There isn’t a damn thing pathetic or lacking in you, Beauty.”

“I want to. I need to taste you. I crave it.” He took a heavy, shuddering breath. “Open up for me and stop thinking. Just feel. Trust me, Beauty.”


I loved Beauty she was so brave. She was scared but she wasn't going to let that hold her back. She knew what she wanted and went for it. She was a fighter and I loved that. She found her back bone and spoke her mind even when she was embarrassed. 

“I’m just a woman, Shadow. I’m getting stronger every day and I refuse to be locked inside a box while you and everyone else toss away the key. I might not be as physically fit as our women but that doesn’t make me less.”

“You’re smaller than me and I worry I’d be too rough if I put my hands on you.” “You’re touching me right now and you’re being very gentle.” She swallowed hard. “Maybe we could help each other get over our pasts.”

“I’m not them, you know.” She swallowed. “I don’t want to have different sexual partners. I’m not opposed to dating you.” Her gaze dropped to his chest and stayed there, her embarrassment showing again in her cheeks. “That is, if you want to try out being my boyfriend. I’d prefer to have a monogamous relationship.”

I loved them as couple . They were strong for each other , being the others support. They were sugary sweet! I loved breeze in this book too. I want her to get her own book so bad. I enjoyed the plot in this one, liked the fact that it was her master that was the bad guy. Laughed so much over the way everyone was all up in their sex life, and when they had sex I was waiting for them to get a Hallmark card! 

“I love sex,” she admitted, obviously content to lie there with him curved around her. “I love sex with you,” he panted, brushing another kiss on her throat. “Was I too rough?” He worried he might inadvertently harm her frailer body.

I loved this book, it was another great one for the New Species Series. I am on to Moon!! Below I leave my favorite moment from the book:

“Why do you call Shadow that?” “Toga boy? It annoys him. Plus,” she laughed, “I’ll never forget what he looked like wearing that flag. It was kind of hot.” Jealousy surged inside Beauty. “He’s mine.” Dark eyebrows rose and Breeze grinned. “Feeling possessive? You just hissed at me.” “I’m sorry.” Beauty was surprised by her unexpected strong reaction. “He’s all yours. I can look but won’t touch. All our males are impressive, if I say so myself, and I do. Is he feeling possessive of you as well?” She grinned. “Never mind. He will. It’s who they are.”“I feel things for him.” “How is the sex?” Beauty hesitated but then answered. “Amazing!” She blushed but refused to look away. “It’s so much better than I ever suspected.” “Score points for toga boy!” Breeze chuckled. “I’m glad.” “Please don’t call him that. You have to notice how that muscle in his jaw twitches every time you say it.” “I know. It’s cute, isn’t it?” Breeze stood. “It’s good for males to be teased. It reminds them not to be serious all the time. What do you have to eat around here?”

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