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Book Review of Moon (New Species Series)

Title: Moon

Series: New Species Series

Author: Laurann Dohner

Date Published: April 30th, 2013

The Blurb: 
Dr. Joyce Yards has never met anyone as irresistible as 466. Their therapy sessions are growing hotter, his raw sexual hunger becoming aggressive, and he refuses to discuss anything except the possibility of getting her naked. Joy understands the dire consequences if she indulges her passion. It will break her heart but she must walk away.

Moon has been drugged, his memory shattered, and he’s now little more than feral, a dangerous threat to everyone. In their need for help, the NSO doctors turn to the only female Moon ever cared about—the one who left him behind two years ago.

Moon isn’t the same male Joy once knew. There are no rules now. If sex tames the wild beast and triggers his fractured memories, allowing him moments of lucidity, then Joy will give him everything, body and soul. She’ll do whatever it takes to save him—even at the cost of her own life.

My Review

5 Over The Moon Stars

“Next time you engage in sex alone remember me because I’ll be doing the same.” 

YAY this book has me all kinds of giddy!!!! So Moon is the 10th book in the New Species Series. This book picks up a few days after Shadow. Moon has been shot with a dart that has a unknown drug on it and has turned him completely feral. Dr. Joyce Yards gets called in to help a New Species that she use to treat , when she gets there what she finds breaks her heart. The NS that needs her help is none other than the one she fell in love with and quit her job to get away from before she got them both in trouble by acting on her feelings, 466 now known as Moon, and he is flipping out feral. She walked away once before thinking it was for the best, but never got over him. Now she will do whatever it takes to save Moon even if it cost her everything she has even her life!

“Your ass is mine now, sweetness. Anyone who knows me would know how much I want you.”

“Do you want me to fuck you like an animal?”

Moon was great for me. I loved him in the other books and I loved him in this book too. Moon is so sweet, laid back, and funny that seeing Moon so lost and broken was so sad. He had fallen in love with Dr. Joy when she was treating him 2 years ago right after he was freed, he never got over her or that she left him. It was super sweet that she was the only one that could reach him. The moments of lucidity that he had he was fighting so hard to overcome that drug and keep everyone safe from him showed the true him and how brave he was. Fighting to be him again and remember his life. 

“I want to lay you out on this desk, bare, and lick between your spread thighs, which will be hugging my face, until you beg me to take you. I’d flip you on your stomach and bend you over in front of me right here.” His finger tapped the wooden surface of her desk. “I’d fuck you until we both couldn’t walk, think, or talk.”

“Damn you. You have no right to act injured. You left me! You’re the one who walked away.” His voice rose into a snarl. “Don’t expect to return to my life as if all that time hasn’t passed. I’m not the same male.”

“I missed you. Open those pretty thighs for me. It’s my turn to put my tongue on you. Let’s see how long you last, sweetness.”

I loved Joy as well. I could understand why she left the first time. I loved the way she stood by him and put everything on the line to save him. I thought she was so damn brave, sweet, and loving. She was whatever he needed, even if he hurt her she wasn't giving up on him and fought with everything she had to get him to remember.

“Hi, Moon. I’ve dreamed about seeing you again but I didn’t want it to be this way or for this reason. I’m going to do everything in my power to help you. I won’t abandon you this time. I’ve regretted taking off on you more than you’ll ever know.” She brushed back an errant lock of his silky hair. “Please forgive me but I would have lost everything and I couldn’t risk it because you were vulnerable. They wouldn’t have allowed it anyway.”

“I’m not leaving,” she whispered and hated the tears that once again filled her eyes. “Please don’t ask them to keep me away from you.”

“You know you’re the only male I want. I understand what a mate is and the level of commitment that goes with it. You are it for me. No one is sexier than you. He totally doesn’t appeal to me in that way, okay? Everyone pales in comparison to you.”

Second chance love at it's best. My God their relationship was super emotional. Their chemistry was off the charts. I loved them as a couple they melted my heart, made me swoon, and set me on fire!!!!! I was so invested in them. I loved Harley and Moon's friendship. Harley had me crackin up and I hope we get to see more of him. 

“I need your respect. It’s important to me that I always keep it.” Harley suddenly yanked him into a hug. “You always have that.” He stepped back. “You could cry like a human little girl and I’d still have your back, man.” He grinned. “It might disturb the hell out of me but we’re bros. I’d hand you tissues and buy you a teddy bear.”

Loved everything about this book, it just worked for me. 5 out of 5 loved the hell out of it stars. So damn romantic and sweet. I would totally recommend it . I am on to the next book. Below I leave my favorite moment for the book and it was very hard to pick just one:

“Moon is a New Species,” Joy explained. “He’s super sweet and not scary at all.” She tried to imagine what concerns they’d have to address before they spoke again. “We’ve been seeing each other and I’m hoping you’ll be okay with that because I’m serious about him. I know you don’t know much about them but I do. They are really good people. I love him.” She waited to see how they’d take the news. Her mother surprised her. “I like them. Is he handsome?”“Very. I think so anyway.” “What kind is he?” Her father didn’t sound upset. “Does he have those cat eyes?” Her mother sounded excited. “Those are so pretty.” “Canine,” Joy offered. “So no, he doesn’t.” They were taking it way better than she expected and she was grateful for that. “Dogs are very loyal. That’s really good.” “Dad!” She was aghast that he’d said that. “I didn’t mean anything by it, honey. It’s a compliment.” “I know. Please don’t ever say that if you meet him,” she pleaded. “We want to meet him. Isn’t this wonderful?” Her mom laughed. “Our baby is dating a New Species.” “I can’t wait to tell the guys on my bowling team. I’m so sick of hearing about Bob’s son dating some author. This is way better.” Joy did groan then. “Come on, Dad. Really? You’re going to use Moon to impress your bowling buddies?”

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