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Book Review of Tiger (New Species Series)

Title: Tiger

Series: New Species Series

Author: Laurann Dohner

Date Published: April 10th 2012

The Blurb: 
Book 7 in the New Species series. Zandy's had too much to drink and is in the wrong place at the wrong time. She knows she's going to die. When next her eyes open, a beautiful man-creature is holding her in his arms. He's just too tempting to resist; her very own fallen angel. She wraps herself around his body, determined to have him. But when this angel turns out to be flesh and blood, reality crashes in-she's seducing a New Species. Tiger's shock quickly turns to intense passion when the human female kisses him, despite the fact she's trying to get his clothes off while he's engaged in a task force operation. He's also made it clear he'll never take a mate. Rather difficult when he and Zandy can't keep their hands off each other. The taste and feel of his little human just leaves Tiger wanting more. Publisher's Note: While each New Species book is a standalone, the greatest enjoyment will come from reading them in series order. 

My Review

                  4.5 tempting tiger Stars

“Drained,” he rasped. “You take it all from me. I feel almost turned inside out.”

Tiger is the 7th book in the New Species Series. Tiger doesn't want a mate ever.... He makes fun of all the males that have taken mates, saying they are nothing but trouble especially human mates. He has been very outspoken on the matter! Tiger is the head of security for the NSO, he and his men are called to break up a brawl at a local bar. When they arrive he sees this little redhead knocked into the fight and disappear under a pile of fighting drunk men. By the time he gets to her she isn't breathing , he starts CPR, saving her. Zandy tempts him like no other, and even though he has no plans on taking a mate , one taste won't hurt, Right?

“Fuck me,” she pleaded. “You’re huge and I want you inside me so bad I hurt. Get these clothes off us.”

OMG I loved this book, Tiger is now my second favorite in this series. This has to be one of the steamier ones of the series. The way Tiger and Zandy went at each other on the hood of the car dry humping like a couple of horny teens * fans self* so damn hott!!!!!! These two had so much chemistry they was setting my kindle on fire! 

“Fuck me,” she demanded. He stopped kissing her neck and growled. “Easy.” “Fuck that. Take me.”


Damn I love, love , love Tiger!!! Sexy as hell, and so damn romantic. He was strong , protective, and a total hunky dominant beast! He fought his feelings for Zandy, scared that she would be his weakness or that he would lose her. But he just can't help falling hard for Zandy. Tiger made me melt so many times in this book. Towards the end he ticked me off a little the way he was hiding his feelings for her and not telling her that she was his mate, but Tiger is my Second favorite Hero in the series! I so want him!!!

“You are so beautiful right now. Your lips are swollen from my kisses and your eyes are such a pretty shade of green. They remind me of a beautiful meadow when I look into them.”

“You already are, damn it.” He growled as anger flashed in his eyes. “You’re mine, Zandy. You have been since the moment you woke up on the hood of that Jeep and kissed me. I just didn’t want to admit it at first but you’re my mate and I’m yours.”

“I love what I feel inside you when I do this, Zandy. You grip and squeeze me the more excited you become and you’re so hot and wet. We’re in water and you’re the one soaking me.”


Zandy is my favorite heroine of the whole series. I 100% loved everything about her. She is one fiery redhead... She was sassy, sarcastic, and hilarious as hell. She was outspoken and bold. She told Tiger what she thought and what she wanted and never held back, and I loved that!

“I’ll try to slow down.” “You don’t have to.” She decided to be blunt. “I ache for you.”

"You purr, Tiger. You growl. You’ve got those amazingly beautiful eyes that I love to stare into. You’ve got the sharp teeth. Trust me, I get it. I’m still here naked with you. I’m not afraid. You won’t hurt me. I trust you so stop holding back.”

“You’re my life too. You make me so happy, Tiger. You really are my angel.” He grinned. “An angel, huh?” He lifted her and impaled her on his cock. “Does that feel angelic?” She moaned his name. “Actually, I still think of you as my angel. You take me to heaven all the time.” Tiger thrust up into her. “We’ll go there together.”

“All you had to do was ask, Tiger. I would love to be your mate.” She saw his shock. “Really?”She nodded. “Yes. I love you too. I don’t need to own a super nose to feel addicted to you. My heart already is.”

I loved Bestial and I want and need for him to get a book of his own so bad! Vengeance is so messed up,and I am hoping he will get a HEA too somewhere down the line, because my heart just breaks for him. I was glad that in this book the bad guys are crazy hate groups and not ex Mercile employees. I loved this book it was a damn good and smokin hott read. I am on to the next book. I normally leave my favorite moment below , but this time it's not my favorite moment but more like My Favorite Zandy comebacks, the way she ripped into the bad guys when she was kiddnapped. 

Deanie gasped. “Shame on you for even saying that. We’re—” The woman glanced down and gasped a second time. “Sinner! I see that whore’s underwear instead of what should be decent covering for your private area. Tsk, tsk! No wonder you were lured to the dark side.”Zandy blinked a few times. “They had really good cookies and they approved of thong underwear. What can I say? I didn’t stand a chance.”

“You bastard,” Zandy hissed. “Do you know why I think you’re so mean? I bet you have a tiny little dick and have to behave like a huge one, trying to compensate.” The man gritted his teeth and rage turned his face splotchy red. His lips opened but no words came out. “That’s what I thought, tiny dick. Or should I just start calling you prick?” “You bitch!” he yelled. “Dickless,” she taunted. “Enough!” Deanie snapped. “She’s baiting you, Brother Adam.”“Baiting him?” Zandy snorted. “He’s too small. I’d have to toss him back if I caught him.”

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