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Title: Chakana

Series: Stand alone

Author: W.E. Lawrence

Date Published: December 2015

Date Read:    July 19, 2016

The Blurb:

Can a romance save the world? Maybe this one could. Chakana is a historical romance novel filled with action, adventure, suspense, and intrigue.

In 1939, before the start of World War II, James Fleming, the original British secret agent, races on a high-stakes chase to track down the ancient lost treasure of King Huascar of the Incas. He must recover it before the Nazis do or the whole world will be in imminent danger.

But this is no ordinary treasure hunt. The Incas have proven their cunning and intellect in not only how they hid their treasure, but how they protected it. Fleming joins forces in the remote ruins of Peru, South America with Kate Rhodes, a policewoman on leave from the United States, her archaeologist brother, Nick, and their college professor, Dr. Charlie. Together, they must decode, interpret the clues, and face the challenges of the Chakana on their hunt for the treasure.

If this wasn’t difficult enough, the group is hounded throughout their search of the ancient Sacred Valley by international artifact smugglers, familiar with the Chakana and working with the Nazis, who are determined to acquire the treasure to help finance their war effort. Intrigue, danger, suspense, action, adventure, and even romance abound in this brave band’s quest to save the free world.

My Review

3 Inca Stars

Well this is one of those books that I didn't love and I didn't hate. The book took a slower pace for the first 70%. The problem I had with this book is it never really drew me in. I never really felt a connection with the hero and heroine. James and Kate where okay but they were very superficial. I didn't really get to know them. James and Kate also seem a little too modern for them being back in WW2. I also didn't really feel their love. They didn't really has a ton of passion. I really didn't buy James' passion for Kate. He almost never made the first move and was always kinda like "No we shouldn't". I guess I expected him to be more alpha since he was a Brit spy and all. Kate was super forward for a woman back in the 1930/40s the way she kept hopping James. 

"When you're done? Kate, what's got in to you?" She shrugged. "I'm not sure. The excitement, the near death experiences, maybe residual effects from that Inca drug. This adrenaline pumping through my body has got me feeling all randy and there's only one way I know to fix it." "You can't be serious." -James and Kate

The truth is I learned more about the Incas, their gods, and temples than I did about the main couple. The Inca part was fun and all but I would have liked a little more character and relationship development. Also I really didn't like the ending. It was more of a HFN than a HEA and it felt left up in the air. Are they going to be together? Just train together and then part again? Overall I enjoyed the treasure/scavenger hunt parts but the romance not so much. 

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