Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Devil and the Deep

Book Review of Devil and the Deep (Deep Six series)

Title: Devil and the Deep 

Series: Deep Six Series

Author: Julie Ann Walker

Date Published: July 5th 2016

Date Read:    July 4th 2016

The Blurb:

Cocktail parties, political fundraisers, and charity events are Maddy Powers' way of life. But the daring man who appropriated her father's yacht a couple of months ago is still out there, somewhere, and she wants to pay him back for the scorching kiss they shared.

Behind his suave smile and ladykiller eyes, Bran Palladino carries a dark secret that keeps him from pursuing Maddy… even though he can't get her out of his head. But when Maddy is kidnapped as part of a grand scheme, it's time to put up or shut up… because Bran can't live without Maddy now.

My Review

2.5 Cheesy Stars

This is the first time I've read anything by Julie Ann Walker. I have a few of her books on my TBR list so when this book came up on Netgalley I thought I'd try her out. Although parts of this book showed me she has talent and skill as a writer, this book just wasn't my jam. The first part of this book was brutally boring. It was rough I didn't think I was gonna make it. It did pick up around the 9% mark and the action kicked in making it a little better. The biggest problem I had with this book is I didn't care for the main couple Bran and Maddy. I found them kinda lame. The way they talked at times was super cheesy and threw me off. Here's a few quotes:

I might be bluffing, you miserable, vomitous mass!" Bran yelled. oh, for heaven's sake. Really? He's quotin' The Princess Bride? "But if you wanna test me," he added, "I'm your huckleberry!" And now he's quotin' Tombstone.-Bran and Maddy

"You sure you can do this?" he asked. "Does the Tin Man have a sheet-metal dick?"-Bran and Maddy

Ticktock went her internal clock. Lubdub went her thundering heart. Dripdrop went a bead of sweat from her temple to her shoulder. -Maddy

"Tit for tat, dicksmack, since I recall you pointing that SCAR-L at me on the beach."-Bran

"That being the case, let's make like a stumptailed cow at fly time, and get busy gettin' it done."-Maddy

And even though I warmed to them a little as the book went on I never full connected to them or really cared about their relationship. There was 2 saving graces about this book that helped me while reading this. 1. All the action. Livened it up and gave me the strength to carry on. 2. Mason and Alex. I loved both Alex and Mason and I hope to God they get their own book. Now that's a book I will be reading. Alex was quirky and cute and Mason was strong sexy and damaged. A man of few words. They had very little parts in this book and yet I connected to them quickly and I already feel invested in their relationship. The epilogue really ticked me off it was a history flash back and not a glimpse into the couples future. So overall not a great read for me but I will be trying this author again especially if she writes a book for Mason and Alex!

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