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His to Protect

Book Review of His To Protect (Fireside series)

Title:His To Protect 

Series: Fireside Series

Author: Stacey Lynn

Date Published: July 12th 2016

Date Read:    July 9th 2016

The Blurb:

Declan James lost his last ounce of trust the day his wife walked out the door, leaving him to save the restaurant they built together. Throwing himself into his work, Declan swears off women—or at least, women who expect him to stick around in the morning. But when he discovers a skittish beauty scrounging through the Fireside’s trash to feed her dog, Declan offers her a job and a place to rest her head. There’s just something about her that awakens his protective side. And soon, not even that mangy mutt can stop Declan from caring for her.

After one too many trips to the ER, Trina Wilson finally gathered the courage to leave her husband, taking only her car and hyperactive boxer. Unfortunately, life on the run proves harder than she anticipated—until Declan takes a leap of faith on her. But even as Trina starts to see beyond his gruff exterior, she can’t relax, even for a moment. Not with her husband still tracking her down. What Trina doesn’t know is that in Declan, she has a powerful ally—and, if she would only follow her heart, a devoted lover.

My Review

4.5 Feeling Safe Stars

* Mild Spoilers*
His To Protect is the first book I have ever read by Stacey Lynn and I really enjoyed her writing style! This book was an amazing read for me. The only reason I didn't give it a 5 star rating is because the epilogue was a painful cliffhanger that will drive me crazy til the next book comes out. So for the cost to my metal health I took off a 1/2 a star. Just sayin'! 

I loved this book so much it will be hard for me to gush all about the awesomeness of it without spoiling too much but I will try. Declan was so yummy. A hero in every sense of the word. From the second he met Trina he was sweet, understanding, and super alpha protective. He went out of his way to make her feel safe. And it was beautiful how she bloomed under his support. Trina was brave and strong but vulnerable, and damaged. A victim of domestic violence she tried to be the perfect wife. Because of her husband's abuse and control she had lost who she really was, but she was brave enough to leave her husband and start over. I really loved that even though both Trina and Declan had been hurt they didn't push each other away. 

Trina and Declan had a strong connection and I was rooting for them from the start. They both had endearing personalities that drew me in. I found their relationship very romantic. There is just something extremely sweet and sexy about a big strong man protecting someone that needs help, being gentle and encouraging. I really liked the secondary characters especially Tyson and Blue. Their book was the first one in the series, and I am thinking of going back and reading their story too. I think Aidan's book is the next one since the cliffy was about him and I can't freaking wait to get my hands on it. I really really want to know what is going to happen!!! This was a great read and I am really glad I came across this author. 

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